Song of Iron Not all Vikings have beards

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Publish Date:

20 Jul 2021

Ever wanted to be a Viking and kick all the butts? I know I do, even if I can’t grow a beard. Song of Iron may have the answer to this. Resting Relic, a newcomer to the gaming scene (which consists of one person, by the way), brings us a side-scrolling 2.5D action game where you assume the role of a Viking with a simple quest. Gain the favour of the gods and kill everything in your path.

First of all, I am in awe of the breath-taking and majestic graphics on offer here, from the moody caverns to the blinding snow of the landscapes, the ever-changing background with so much detail it’ll make you want to take your time walking. Even the character models are sublime. The designs of the creatures and other enemies are clear and frankly intimidating, to say the least, and the effort put into Song of Iron clearly sets the game apart.

Well, it’s not all walking and relaxing of the scenery. You have to contend with traps and, as I mentioned, fighting off as many of those nasty creatures as possible. The combat looks visceral and seems to pack a punch. We have seen the use of a standard axe and shield, a fire axe (because fire makes everything cooler) and even a bow to hit those out of range, but the combat goes deeper, with jumps, dodges, and even the double kick to the face, these additions to the combat will enhance the experience.

The time and effort spent in this game really does set it apart from your standard indie title. The music on offer here really evokes the Norse era. It enhances every other aspect in Song of Iron, really helping it hit home. Song of Iron will release on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC on 31 August 2021 but has not been confirmed to be on Xbox Game Pass.

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