Songs of Conquest Calls Back To All Things That Make Classic RTS's Great

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Publish Date:

14 Jun 2021

If anyone remembers 90’s gaming, then you know why this one caught my eye. Song’s of Conquest comes at us from Lavapotion a four man Swedish team but we don’t know a huge amount about this title yet. We do know it’s coming at us at least on PC during the first 3 months of 2022 and we do know a bit about the game itself Song’s of Conquest is a lovely looking turn-based strategy game.

Let’s go with more of what we do know, you can choose one of four factions to wage your dominance. Arleon who impose order with an axe, Barya a group of merchants with an art for tinkering, Rana the ancient tribe trying to survive in the swamp and the Barony of Loth who are a bunch of cultists who love necromancy. So what do you do once you’ve chosen your character, you wonder the land picking up treasure, artifacts, weapons and even recruit new people for your army. With this you begin your first steps at building and expanding your empire, you get to focus on brute force, magic or even a mix of both.

Turning to the battle system, you begin with a pre-fight where you select where you want everyone on a hexagonal shaped battle board. What struck me about this was that some of these are elevated so I’m hoping this will add to the tactics you can use to fight. The battle animation is superb and feels impactful whether your using your archers or magic, in fact the entire style of the game is clear and mesmerising, with no doubts care and attention has been taken on making these look as great as they are. One of the more impressive items I read was that with each new mission completed you unlock new verses to be added to a unique song which will be sung to you by a bard at the end of your journey. Definitely one for my Wishlist.

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