Space Wreck takes us back to REAL RPGs with its retro design and gameplay

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Jordan Smith

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Classic isometric RPG's like the original Fallout games and Arcanum are a rare sight in the gaming world these days, with most who once walked this path opting to take more modern approaches to these story-driven adventures, such as first and third-person action RPG's or upgrading the style, much like Larian have done with Baldur's Gate and Divinity Original Sin. However, one game takes us on an all-new sci-fi adventure, the old school way, and that game is Space Wreck. Created by Latvian Indie Developers Pahris entertainment and available to try now as a Demo on Steam, this retro-styled adventure takes us to the stars like never before.

What is Space Wreck?

Set in the distant future where humankind has taken to mining asteroids for vital resources, but 20 years before our story begins, war was declared. This war devastated many ships, leaving them victim to pirates and the dark void of space. Your story begins on a lone shuttle in this asteroid belt, desperately pursuing fuel and resources after a devastating pirate attack to keep yourself alive. Space Wreck is aptly named as its title describes exactly what you will be exploring, Space Wrecks. Each Wreck is ripe for the picking with loot, outfits, weapons and much more, but be careful. Just because it is a wreck, it does not mean it is abandoned!

War of the Wrecks

Space Wreck is primarily a game of choices, where even the smallest decision can have the biggest consequence (think butterfly effect). If you make an enemy out of somebody, you may regret it later. If you opt for the easy way now, you may have to face a bigger challenge later on. The choices in Space Wreck don't start and finish there, though, as this non-linear world we explore also includes fully optional combat, which is played out like most isometric RPG's, by becoming turn-based. When you do choose to fight, be prepared, as combat is incredibly unforgiving.

During my playthrough of Space Wreck's demo (which is currently available on Steam and Itch.IO), I opted to take on a lone security bot. By my standards, I thought this would be a fairly easy fight. The robot looked small and relatively harmless. Unfortunately, my spaceman and his rather pathetic early game pistol were no match for this deadly machine and its fine-tuned laser. Learning from I tried again, only this time I chose to not provoke the robot and worked my way around it in order to grab more tasty loot! Maybe I will come back and show him what for later when I have something a bit more devastating.

One other combat mechanic I was particularly impressed by was that weapons and the attacks we make do more than just damage opponents. Some moves, such as rip, will allow us to use our weapon to destroy an NPC's armour or spacesuit, leaving them exposed to the cold vacuum of space. Another great move is shove, which, when used right, can cast unsuspecting souls into the starry abyss. Another incredible combat factor that stands out in Space Wreck is that NOBODY is safe! Every NPC is killable, meaning combat. If you are brave enough to face, it is unlimited.

Where can I pick up this awesome game!

Space Wreck is not available to buy just yet, as the scheduled release is not until 2nd July 2021, where the game will go into Early Access. If you cannot wait until then to check out Space Wreck, you can try out the demo for yourself on Steam and Itch.IO, where you can also Wishlist and Follow the game. If you want to learn more about Space Wreck before its launch this summer, be sure to check out the developer's Twitter, where you can check out all the updates from Pharis Entertainment as they build-up to launch day!

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