Stop Buying into Consoles Wars and Toxicity in the Gaming Communities

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Kyle Smith

Publish Date:

30 Sep 2020

Over the last 3 months, with the lead up to the new Xbox and PlayStation 5 announcements, the gaming community has rallied together in sharing their excitement and anticipation of what the new generation will bring. To further that hype, as we drew closer to these reveals, we were treated to several exciting game reveals, which ultimately showcased a reason for us, the consumer, to be excited. As the Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5 came to their announcement days, fans cheered at the favour of their new consoles and as we do in modern society, we joined our social media platforms and social pages/forums to share our excitement. But it in these moment’s where the ugly side of the gaming community begins to rear its head.  

As people began to share their opinions on their favourite console, opposing fans would interject to tell that person why their view was wrong. Interposing fans, telling them that their opinion is wrong, usually taking the conversation to an offensive disposition. Then there are the trolls who try to invoke arguments with the ‘opposing community’, by saying things that cause a reaction, ultimately causing fans to retaliate and kick off huge debates. An example of this might be comments as simple as “Xbox is trash”, all the way through to “I hope <insert brand here> flops”. In a time of economic crisis around the entire world, you want thousands of people to lose their jobs, because you ‘don’t like their console?’. It’s absurd behaviour. Then there are the worst offenders of all, the ones throw facts and figures at you, as to tell you why you’re are wrong. The ones who take time to list one hundred reasons as to why their console choice is better. If you do any of these, then take into account that you are the problem, not anyone else for their choices.

Most people don’t have the finances to afford to buy both consoles at release, and most won’t be able to purchase the ‘other’ console from their primary choice for a while. This a big part of why I believe the console wars exist. But if you sit here finding yourself hating any console, then take some time to answer yourself as to honestly why you feel that way and if you legitimately have a good reason too. Just hating something because it's not your console preference, which I think is probably a common theme among the community, add only to the problems in the community that I describe above. There’s no good or bad choice here, we are all gamers trying to buy a platform that we like and that alone should unite us. We all have that in common, and for those who get one console and not the other, take some time to talk with people on other platforms and share the wonderful experiences that you have. If your aim is to try to recommend someone to purchase to your ‘console of choice’, then sell it to us, make those people want it. This doesn’t suggest though that you shouldn’t challenge the giants on their business practises, however. Because it’s the active community feedback that keeps these businesses in check. This moves me nicely onto another really important point, business monopolies. I’ve taken Nintendo out of the equation in this post, because I think its fair to say it found its own niche in the current gaming landscape, and it doesn’t pull away competition from Sony and Microsoft. In business, it’s extremely healthy to have competition, it keeps the companies involved to remain as consumer friendly as possible. To give an example, if Microsoft did collapse today, for one reason or another, and we just had PlayStation available on the market, could you imagine what would happen to game prices? I mean, they’re already marketing at the $69.99 region, there would be no reason for them to bring this pricing down. Now, look in the current landscape, Microsoft are going to be potentially offering their new releases at the same cost area as today at about $59.99. That fact alone, without any stats, will have Sony reviewing their pricing strategy constantly, and ultimately most likely will fall to remain competitive, and match Microsoft's strategy as they won’t want to lose sales against them. Sony and Microsoft are in their own corporate war, that is extremely clear. But that is not a reason for gamers to follow suit. Its natural in business for there to be rivals and that’s one of the most important things, that keeps businesses from getting too focused on profit, as if there is a potential that competitor that can eat into your margins, then you are going to compete with them as much as possible to keep interest in your brand. But for gamers, we should support both communities, with an aim to keep both alive. Believe me, you don’t want a single hardware company out there, unrivalled, without a big need to satisfy the consumer. I mean I don’t want to slander any businesses that hold a monopoly now, but just google it yourselves and look into how bad these industries usually treat their consumers.

In summary, I believe that we need to stop buying into “Console Wars” and toxic gaming discussions. We should enjoy every console for what it is! The Xbox Series X is an absolute welcomed powerhouse, that pushes the boundaries of raw power for console gaming. The PlayStation 5 is introducing amazing new architecture that is ALREADY innovating the way that future hardware works with increased performance and speed. The Series S delivers powerful gaming and an affordable gateway to get into the next generation of console gaming for those who are financially unable. Each of these consoles offers something unique, and there is no reason to hate a single one of them – consumers who fuel the console wars, are driving the wrong practises in communities and businesses. So I ask you, if you currently sit in a position where you have negative thoughts about another console, just take some time to reflect on them with the point made in this article. I like to end things on a high, as not everything is all doom and gloom. I am going to leave you with an image with some of the amazing comments that I have come across during my time online. If you are one of the people in these images, or you say similar things online, then thank you for being such an awesome person!

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