Sun Haven is a Stardew Style Dungeons and Dragons

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Publish Date:

30 Jun 2021

If, like me you’ve spent several different lifetimes working away virtually on a farm and trying to figure out who likes what presents (why don’t you like dandelions Lewis!). Well a new game has just been released, which has obvious influences from Stardew Valley, however, they’ve decided to give it a magical twist. Sun Haven is an indie, farming, RPG sim which was released on 25th June on Steam to Early Access and there’s a lot to talk about.

You begin your adventure in Sun Haven a medieval town full of people trying to make the town thrive yet again as a trading town. Why have they declined you ask, well it’s due to a mysterious event which you must discover. Do you want to fish, farm, fight, mine, smith, cook or craft as this game gives you all of these while also providing an RPG style quests to keep you engaged and enhance your playing experience. The team at Pixel Sprout Studio have clearly taken the time to understand what mechanics work well as they’ve included a Skill Tree with over 100 options to help make the play style more personal, you can even bring along your friends as the game has co-op play for 8 people

Currently there are two different towns to explore with a third being worked on, the human town of Sun Haven, the Elven village of Nel’ Vari and the monster city of Withergate. The Pixel graphics shown here are very much in keeping with the overall feel of the world and emphasise the different people and races who live here. There are seven different races to play as, human, demon, elf, angel, elemental, naga and amari and there are so many player customisations to go with it you can truly immerse yourself in making the perfect character for you.

Sun Haven also references several Unique monsters throughout the world for you to get through, whether it’s through battle or the non-violent alternatives you can progress your way and yes even their final boss can be defeated through non-violent means. Lastly in case you didn’t have enough to do, you can romance fifteen characters and even get married, collect pets and mounts and with over 100 pieces of furniture you’re going to be busy with this game for a while. Game is currently out on Early Access on PC as of now with a future Switch release to be confirmed.

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