Super Mario 3D World and Bowsers Fury Releases this Week On Switch

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Kyle Smith

Publish Date:

7 Feb 2021

Mario has held a special place in gamers hearts since, what feels like, the beginning of gaming and once again the ‘Red Hatted’ hero of Mushroom Kingdom is returning to our Nintendo Switches! Super Mario 3D World was first released on the WiiU, but massively undersold due to the limited popularity of the console. So, it comes again, with a new fresh coat of HD paint and the added bonus of an entirely new DLC story!

Super Mario 3D World is a fun platformer, which allows players to team up with their friends and conquer its levels together. Following the normal tropes of a Mario game, you are able to find different power ups, to help you navigates its linear 3D stages, all in a valiant effort to reach each levels end stage flag! • Play as Mario, who is agile and plays exactly as you remember from previous key titles, as a good all-rounder. • Play as Peach, who can float when she jumps, giving her that little extra reach to platforms normally out of reach. • Play as Luigi, the amazing hitter of high jumps. Reach for those high platforms never reachable before. • Play as Toad, who just can’t stop dashing, with speed being his key mechanic.

The game is not all that will be releasing this week, as we also are being treated to two brand new Amiibo, Cat Mario and Cat Peach. A double Amiibo set for those collectors, at the affordable price of £25.99. Both models look well produced with a nice ‘woolly’ effect. That’s not all that’s coming out either. As last but not least, Nintendo are also releasing a Special Edition Red and Blue Switch, which dons the vibrant colour palette we’ve come to know Nintendo for. The console will be releasing at £279.99 and is limited to 1 per customer, in most online stores. In the past Nintendo’s limited edition consoles like this, have done incredibly well as a collectors item, so be sure to not miss your opportunity for this one!

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