TRS96K Is a Wonderous Niche Indie Title About Data Recovery on Tapes

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Kyle Smith

Publish Date:

27 Mar 2021

TRS96K is a really niche game for those who have an interested in old tech, and how it works. This title takes players back to the tech of the 80’s in which the audio analogue tape was the main medium of storage. Although, those from that time will know, tapes were highly unreliable. They were prone to easily braking, degrading over time, sensitive to magnetic/electrical fields. So, imagine being the person who needs to try to recover the data from these ancient devices after decades of mistreatment.

For those of you who wonder exactly how this game works, well we will break it down for you. You will be given a corrupted tap of some kind by a ‘customer’. The player will then need to put that tape through rigorous testing to try and recover the data within, using the limited information given from a customer. This might be simple things such as adjustment of sound management, adjusting the volume, pitch, speed, reversion etc. If the simple techniques don’t quite work, then player will need to use decryption, decoding and other expert techniques to unravel the locked down data within. Some of the other features in this niche title are:

  • work and suffer for a pittance as an EES employee with an absurd boss and (semi-) impossible tasks

  • discover and assemble stories, fake art, real art, conspiracy theories. Everything is sprinkled with lots of plain old insanity fuelled by EES' boss.

  • 8bit applications and minigames (BASIC / machine code) waiting to be recovered, repaired, executed, re-executed and re-re-executed.

  • the 8bit look, feel and simplicity to go perfectly with the era of this game.

  • mock advertising

  • no cutscenes (unskippable or otherwise)

  • true tried and tested eye care advice for the player.

TRS96K is made by developers Caffeine Withdrawal Games (CWG) from Romania, who’s philosophy for game development is to bring new things, that players have not played before, to the table. Although this is their first game, this concept to bringing new concepts to the world is certainly something they plan to run with. Be sure to let us know what you think of the game in our Discord channel, or in the comments sections on our social media pages linked below.

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