TYPO Is An Interesting Take On Puzzle Platformers That Reminds Me Of Portal

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Kyle Blooicide

Publish Date:

25 Apr 2021

TYPO is a puzzle platforming game in which players are able to type into terminals to spawn items into the world. These items will then be used to solve a raft of different platforming puzzles to proceed to the next area. Much like the hit Valve game Portal, you are required to move room to room to complete each chapter. However, certain terminals only have specific keys, meaning that only certain items can be spawned into the world. This creates the puzzle layer of the game in which working out what object you can bring in will serve as the key component to solving puzzles.

What is cool about TYPO is the fact that each puzzle has so many options available to solve it. It’s all seems so simplistic at first, which is great, because it makes it easy to pick up and just jump into for anyone. But quickly things will become much more complex, requiring different approaches to solve. However, those who overcome these challenges in the most unique ways will wind up being able to reach inaccessible places or changing gravity, and so many other fun mixes, that you won't see coming. Flexibility is key, and it is a mechanic that has provided the dev team to come up with these unique challenges, without being bound by a restrictive gameplay loop. Each puzzle is different and builds upon what the player has already experienced, testing your abilities in a variety of ways.

Key Features:

  • Systemic puzzle design: Some things float, others do not. Use this to your advantage and find the best approach for each situation.

  • Tight platforming: Advance through the lab and push your skills to their limits. Jump, dodge, avoid the obstacles and reach the end of the test.

  • Solve these puzzles your way. Spawn in 100 boxes to climb to the top of an edge, or meticulously create a box bridge to walk your way to freedom. It’s your choice.

  • Secret rooms and optional sections: Discover the mysteries that lie around the lab.

If you like the look of TYPO, you can check out our review here, and you can even check it out on Steam here. Also, Did you know that we have an active Discord Channel in which we have both Developers and Gamers mixed? It’s a nice little community where we can all talk gaming, without judgement and genuinely have some really good conversations! Joining our community is free! No special requirements, so what are you waiting for? Click here to join

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