The 3 Indie Games in Development That You Should Keep an Eye On

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Kyle Smith

Publish Date:

4 Jan 2021

Indie Games are increasingly becoming more and more impressive over time, with enhanced visuals, sound design and gameplay options. Over the last year we have been shown some of the wonders that are currently in development, which we feel will rival that of a AAA game. Check out our thoughts below, and be sure to share on our social media pages any other games you feel we have missed in this article.

Yami: The Dream is an indie game that we actually just stumbled across when scouting out across the internet for new upcoming games, and within seconds of looking at it we were blown away. Its visuals represent that of a high-end Pixar movie, and its sound design is scored professionally, with complex audio to match. But what impressed us the most is how smooth its movement looks. In fact, in terms of gameplay, it reminds me very much of something I would expect to see in a mainstream Prince of Persia title. We can’t urge you enough to go and check out this title but be mindful that very little is out there to the public yet. We suggest you check them out on Twitter (@goldborough) or on their website:

Maquette, first showcased at a PlayStation event, is a complex puzzle game that uses a unique mechanic, where if you step outside of the puzzle ‘area’ it will either grow or shrink. Its this very mechanic that drives the gameplay. The developers describe this by stating its extremes, by one moment where you tower over buildings, like a giant, and another where you shrink so much, that the smallest crack in a wall will become huge chasms, impossible to scale. Maquette uses a nice vibrant graphics pallet and is played in the first person. Whilst it replicates the movement you would expect to find in a walking sim, it is so much deeper than that, requiring its players to not only think outside the box, but step outside of it! In its symbology Maquette represents the scales of everyday problems in a modern-day love story, where sometimes the smallest of issues can become overwhelming obstacles.

A jugglers Tale is a beautiful little game about breaking free from the shackles that hold you. Using amazing 2.5D graphics, the game focuses on an experience in which players need to navigate Abby (the main character) through a relentless world of torment and suffering. From the visuals that we have seen, the development team should proud, as rain look damp and heavy, lights bloom, reflecting on the surface of its surroundings, and the textures appear of extremely high quality. A Jugglers Tale seems to draw influence from similar games that came before it, such as Limbo, Inside and Little Nightmares, although it goes in its own direction. Whilst it offers a unique focus, it carries the similar dark moody tones of its inspirations.

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