The Amazing American Circus Is Exactly What It Says On The Tin

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Publish Date:

17 Oct 2021

So I hate clowns, as in I really hate clowns, like seriously scared running away from them! Yet I love the look of The Amazing American Circus (TAAC), which has not only the things I fear but also the things I love, as TAAC is a deck-building game. Confused or not, we're going to check what this uniquely themed game has got for us.

Set in the classic Wild West theme, you own your own (slightly run down) circus, and it's down to you to make it a massive success by providing entertainment to the masses as you traverse and explore the Gilded age of America. Your role is quite simple, move through over 90 cities and put on one of the greatest shows ever seen for your equally great audience of mythical creatures and well known historical figures. This is no small feat, but you will also need to do all this while building and improving your troupe as you go. How do you proceed, I hear you ask? Well, drawing (yes, that's a pun) on other card games as inspiration, your audience is bored. You play cards to fight off their boredom with different performances and tricks each member of the troupe brings, which vary in style and talent and cater to the audience's demands for entertainment.

During your time, you will come across 15 different performers, each with different styles, performances and tricks to help bolster your card pack. But don't be like Silverlance, don't add too many as that will decrease your chances of getting the card you want, like the Grand Finale fisher move. Strategy plays a big part in your hand as you not only have to beat the boredom of your strange audience, you also have to consider other factors, such tricks performed in the South bring cheers whilst the same tricks up north won't have the same impact.

As you continue on through the rugged 2D environment, you'll also have to upgrade and maintain your circus caravan with 8 different upgrades and over 100 different modifications and upgrades. You will always have different ways to approach each area but equally keep the style of play more suited to you as the player. I usually don't mention the soundtrack, However, I have managed to listen to some of it, and it's really entertaining, it's the type that's inspired by classic country and folk music from America, and I really love it. TAAC was released on PC, Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Series X/S on 16thSeptember and it has already an influx of highly positive reviews! Will you be checking it out for yourself? Let us know in this article's Comments on our Facebook and Twitter pages, which you can find and follow below.

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