The Indie Houses Brings Announcements Releases Demos And So Much More

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Jordan Smith

Publish Date:

31 Aug 2021

Today marks the beginning of the first Indie Houses event where 7 incredible indie publishers have come together under the ethos of indies for indies to bring us over 35 announcements in a fantastic direct, tonnes of demos and much more over the next 7 days! But who are the indie developers involved? And what have they brought us in their first-ever direct? Continue reading to learn more and check out our favourite announcements so far from The Indie Houses!

Who are The Indie Houses?

The Indie Houses is built up of 7 independent publishers who have banded together to give their games the light they deserve but may not necessarily get. These publishers are:

  • Akupara Games, who recently released Indie Masterpieces Grime and Behind The Frame.

  • Fellow Traveller, who brought us the incredible jazz-inspired Genesis Noir.

  • Those Awesome Guys, who have made a fantastic surprise announcement to be revealed later in this article.

  • Raw Fury, a fantastic publishing team who brought us amazing titles like Call Of The Sea

  • Whitethorn Games, who brought us games like Calico and Lake, which launches tomorrow!

  • Toge Productions, who also have a fantastic announcement to check out within this article.

  • Neon Doctrine, this "evil" publisher, stole the show with their bond villain attitude!

You can check out the entire Indie houses event and all their announcements above, or continue reading to see our highlights and a list of all the demos you can try out NOW!

The 3Bit Highlights

As much as I would love to share everything from this jam-packed event, we, unfortunately, do not have the space. So I have selected some of our favourite announcements from throughout the broadcast that cannot be missed and needed sharing with right now before checking out the whole showcase at the top of this page!

Akupara Games Kicked off the show with updates to some of its already existing IP's including Spinch by Queen Bee Games, which is getting a remixed soundtrack, and a personal favourite of mine, Gone Viral, by Skull Bot Games. This mind-blowing roguelike has been released TODAY as part of the Indie Hoses celebrations. Gone Viral will allow us all to become post-apocalyptic superstars as we hack and slash our way to stardom. But fame has a cost, as our fans both in-game and on Twitch will be able to choose how we suffer by voting for in-game modifiers, which could include Invisible enemies, Beach Balls or even Nukes. Of course, it wouldn't be an Akupara Showcase without The Darkside Detective by Spooky Doorway, where the team announced that 3 new cases would be coming to the recently released sequel, A Fumble in the Dark, soon!

Following Akupara was Fellow Traveller Games. This fantastic trailer filled portion brought us an announcement by Silverstring Media. Silverstring announced Glitchhikers: The Space Between. This modern reimagining of the original Glitchhikers takes on a modernised but surreal journey that will captivate and intrigue you as you explore the world on foot, on the road and on the trains. Glitchhikers: The Space Between will release in 2022, and we cannot wait to fall into this journey.

Along with this surreal adventure, we also got a new look at Jump Over The Age's upcoming RPG, Citizen Sleeper and its characters, coming next year. In this stunning looking game, we step into the shoes of an escaped worker who has wound up in a lawless station on the edge of an interstellar community. However, Fellow Traveller didn't want us waiting until next year. They also had games coming very soon too, with titles like Kraken Academy!! A comedic action-filled high school adventure that will release on September 10th.

Next up was Neon Doctrine, which was presented by the very bond villain like Vlad. Vlad opened his part of the show strong with kung fu action in The Legend of Tianding by Creative Games Computer Graphics Corporation. In Tianding we will face the might of Imperial Japan in intense hand to hand combat as we fight to defend our homeland of Taiwan. The Legend of Tianding will release on October 27th for Nintendo Switch and PC. The next bombshell from our new favourite villain was Lamentum by Obscure Tales, which was released today for PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Finally, Neon Doctrine gave us a look at the bullet-time action within Devilated by
Trung Cao "Trunks. This matrix-like game is available to try out now in early access on Steam and will release next year on Xbox and PlayStation Consoles.

Next, we got a Look at some games from Raw Fury, where potato peeling PR manager Elena gave us a look at the future of games from Raw Fury. The first game they showcased was the beautiful City builder Townscaper by Oskar Stålberg, which is available now on PC and Nintendo Switch and will be coming to Mobile devices This October. Next, we got to take a look at Cathuria Games' Dream Cycle, where we take on an epic quest to save our soul and face the shattered dreamlands in an alternate universe as an arcane apprentice. This fantastic looking game will release next month on September 7th.

Those Awesome Guys then swept in and were really awesome as they announced the release of Deepest Chamber by Balcony Softworks. This well-designed deck builder filled with roguelike elements will see us battling hordes of enemies that want nothing more than to make this chamber your tomb.

Following Those Awesome Guys was Togo Productions, who announced a new webcomic for their game A Space for The Unbound, along with an announcement for their upcoming Tactical game by
Matheus Reis, Vanaris Tactics. This pixel styled turn-based strategy tells a story of refugees in the pursuit of freedom from the walls of Vanaris. In pursuing freedom, we will need to unite our people to help us fight against the oppression that prevents our escape.

Last but definitely not least was Whitethorn games, who closed the show with a high, announcing that beautiful looking Lake by Gamious is available from tomorrow! In Lake, we go back to the 80s, where Meredith Weiss returns to her home town to take a break from her career and deliver parcels, but what she does next in this beautiful town is entirely up to you. Along with a trip to the lake, we will also be able to take a trip to the forest soon, too, with The Forest Cathedral by Brian Wilson. Releasing next year, The Forest Cathedral will test your mind and your courage as you face this psychological thriller filled with 2D and 3D puzzles in this dramatic retelling of the story of Rachel Carson's Silent Spring.

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