The Medium Is A Breath of New Air For The Horror Genre

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Kyle Smith

Publish Date:

20 Jan 2021

The Medium is a game that poses two realities to players and requires them to navigate them both. With the development team behind Layers of Fear, Observer and the Blair Witch Game, it comes as no surprise that this is a horror game, which aims to haunt you for days after its experience. The key antagonist of the game, The Maw is an enemy that gives you reason to be afraid, because, like how Marianne can travel to Spirit Plain, The Maw can do that in reverse, making him an enemy difficult to hide from. So, be mindful that when you play this game and encounter The Maw, you will need to be careful across both realities.

From my experience watching the demo of the game being played, The Medium takes the tropes from classic horror series such as Silent Hill and smashes them into what feels like a game more aligned to Alan Wake. It uses gritty real-world scenes and twists and turns them into ways that instantly puts you at unease, therefore creating a suspenseful and much more frightening experience to that of what you find in Alan Wake. Although the Medium is not a simple copy of the games it draws inspiration from, in fact it stands entirely as its own. I imagine many others games in the future will look back on The Medium and look to draw inspiration from it. One of these unique concepts that makes the experience ‘different’ is the use of the mediums ability to see into the spirit plain, which the game does by presenting two version of the same world, simultaneously by splitting the screen in two. One world is the world that we reside in, the real world – whilst the other is the dark, ominous spirit realm in which our protagonist is able to tap into and navigate within during the time in the game.

The game is extremely stunning with some truly impressive visuals, which can be seen by the spec necessary to run it on High on the PC. Although impressively, even a rig without too much power will be able to run this game with its minimum and recommended specs not requiring too much power. One thing that is worth pointing out, it seems that The Medium is locked at 30fps, and this comes down to a few factors. The primary factor is in the fact that the game Is rendering 2 worlds a majority of the time, which would require a lot of power to do, and additionally, cinematic experiences (especially in horror) do go hand in hand with 30fps.

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