The PlayStation 5s UI Looks Incredibly Clean and Super Fast

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Kyle Smith

Publish Date:

15 Oct 2020

Finally the time has come for Sony to show off the brand new UI for the PlayStation 5 and it looks impressive. We have attached the video above for you to watch. Sony this time around has used a similar layout to its previous 2 consoles although gone for a much more clean stylisation. When navigating between screens, it never interrupts the gameplay or get in the way. Things just smoothly slide into you're visibility. The entire UI however was built from the ground up, to cater for the power of the new console and to introduce smoother a 4K interface. All of this happens, with your game loaded up in the background, exactly where you left it. First of all Sack-boys adventure is loaded up within milliseconds of a press and then the 'PS' button is pressed to display the 'Control Center'. Which features boxes called cards, that contains information of interest. This will be things such as outstanding trophy's, official news and other things. The cool thing is, that these cards let you interact with the game that you are playing AND the system. So if you click on a trophy that you are part of the way through progressing, you can load up a guide which can be displayed anywhere on the screen, to help you unlock it. You can even use the trophy to jump to that exact moment in the game! Oh, and yes, this does confirm full Trophy tracking.

Joining a Party has never been easier, and Sony reminds us that Parties have changed. A box will appear on your screen to tell you a party has opened, in which you can seamlessly open it, and join the party within insane speeds. Most impressively to me, was what was shown next, which is the ability to do remote play without leaving a game. Better yet, you can overlay the remote played game as a window over your game whilst you play it! There are so many opportunities where this could make co-op games much more immersive. One thing that I did really enjoy is the ability to be able to use 'Voice to Text' to type to friends or write descriptions, which from an accessibility standpoint is fantastic. Joining online games additionally can be done extremely quickly, you simply press the 'PS' button to bring up the Control Center. Then you scroll to the far right where your friends game online session will appear. Simply click on this, and the PlayStation 5 will direct you straight to that session. After this we are then shown the new Share Button UI, which simply has the appearance of something you would see on a digital camera.

Finally we are treated to a view of the closed game state menu, that you will see when a game is not loaded, or the console boots up from full shutdown mode. This displays as smaller boxes, in a similar format to what you'd find on a PlayStation 4, but much sharper. Here you can navigate to the store, select a game and manage console settings. One of the most impressive things we was informed is the change to the PlayStation Store. The store is now completely integrated into the system, making it much more slick to use, especially backed up by the new power that the PS5 offers. What do you think of the UI? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments sections of our social media channels via the link below.

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