The PlayStation Update with Playable PS4 Games, Save Transfers and Store Overhauls

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Kyle Smith

Publish Date:

10 Oct 2020

PlayStation have dropped tonnes of new information and updates on their website about next months transition to the PlayStation 5. This comes in three parts of which we will break down below: • The PlayStation Store is going to be getting an Overhaul very soon • PlayStation 5 will be able to play 99% of all PS4 games • PlayStation 4 saves WILL be able to be transferred to the new console and used So let's first discuss the new PlayStation Store overhaul: The first bit of information which is the bad news, is that PlayStation 3 titles and PlayStation Vita titles will be removed from the current online store. These titles will only be purchasable digitally in the store on those respective consoles. The second and main bit of news is that users will not be able to download the apps for streaming services, TV services and avatars. Although don't panic as it seems that the new PlayStation 5 interface will be introducing "hub areas", where these services will be available in a 'different' way. Maybe this means Sony are moving to use browsers, therefore creating a opportunity to not need an app installed on your OS, making it easier for developers of these services to manage. But this is our guess, we will see next month what is to come. Also Sony will be removing the current Wishlist feature, so any games you have in them, be sure to take a note of. On the surface of things all these changes seem bad, but remember this is in respect of the new PlayStation 5 features that will be coming soon and will likely be addressing these in an entirely new way. We foresee that Sony will be revealing very soon! Lastly and most obviously the store will be getting an entire overhaul, which no further detail has been given. We haven't been given a date yet of when these new changes will go live, although Sony has claimed that it will be later this month.

PlayStation 5 will be able to play 99% of PlayStation 4 Games: Literally only 10 PS4 games will be unplayable on the PlayStation 5, and these aren't exactly 'AAA' titles with huge fanbases. For clarity, those games are: • DWVR • Afro Samurai 2 Revenge of Kuma Volume One • TT Isle of Man – Ride on the Edge 2 • Just Deal With It! • Shadow Complex Remastered • Robinson: The Journey • We Sing • Hitman Go: Definitive Edition • Shadwen • Joe’s Diner A further point to note, is that Sony has stated that due to the shift onto the new console, some games might not operate as they did on PlayStation 4, although I believe this is a caveat for any unplanned errors that might occur on PS4 games that Sony was not able to test end to end. PlayStation 4 Saves can be Transferred to PlayStation 5 and used: Sony have given instructions for how you will be able to move 'save files' from one console to another and it appears to be incredibly flexible. You can either just transfer them over the WiFi, use the LAN, Use PlayStation Cloud or download them to a drive and install them on your PlayStation 5.

Finally there has been a couple more small announcements that we thought we would capture here: • PlayStation has stated that 'SELECTED' PlayStation 4 games will use the PlayStation 5's new hardware to improve game Frame Rates and Resolutions but not all games will do this. • Selected PlayStation 4 games will use the SSD for faster Loading Times - Ghost of Tsushima developers have confirmed that PlayStation 5 will nearly remove the loading times altogether. • You can stream PlayStation 4 Games on the PlayStation 5 • The PlayStation 4 PSVR Set is Compatible with the PlayStation 5 • The DualShock 4 is compatible with PlayStation 5 to Play PlayStation 4 Games • The Share button feature won’t work on PlayStation 4 games, but will be replaced with PlayStation 5s improved new features. We look forward to seeing what the UI and new feature we haven't listed here will look like! If you liked this article, come and tell us what you think we will see in the next Sony reveal by following the links below.

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