The Sprit Is A Stunning Indie Rogue Like With AAA Visuals

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Kyle Blooicide

Publish Date:

25 Apr 2021

At first glance, The Spirit instantly looks like something that developers Blizzard put together, with stunning and modern 3D isometric visuals. However, the twist here is that this is being made by a solo dev under the name of Dark Faction Games. The gameplay of this title is very similar to that which you would find in Diablo, with different spells, and attacks you can do on hordes of enemies as they attack you. It’s refreshing to see a game like this in the indie world, as it seems to be a genre that is becoming quite infrequent with its releases – especially with the beautiful 3D design which can be found in this title.

The story of The Spirit resides when our protagonist wakes up in a strange world looking for answers. In this search, they quickly learn that they have died and returned to the realm as a spirit. After a while, our protagonist learns that the only way they can find their way back to the living is to find the Rift Keeper. But nothing is ever so simple… the world is being overrun by horrifying creatures and demons, all entering through the Rift, unguarded by the keeper. The people of this realm need the protagonist, but so does their family.


  • Battle your way through branching level design.

  • Run side-quests to earn extra loot and XP.

  • Discover secret areas that take you to new locations.

  • Master many different spells to become the most powerful guardian of the land.

  • Find different types of weapons like swords, spears and maces.

  • Ragdoll physics make for some fun killing of enemies.

  • NPC characters to join you on your quest and help you fight.

If you find The Spirit interesting, then be sure to check it out on Steam here. Also, Did you know that we have an active Discord Channel in which we have both Developers and Gamers mixed? It’s a nice little community where we can all talk gaming, without judgement and genuinely have some really good conversations! Joining our community is free! No special requirements, so what are you waiting for? Click here to join! 

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