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Jordan Smith

Publish Date:

4 Jan 2021

Last night we saw the Steam Awards, where us the gamers get to choose what games mattered to us. Valve only categorises the Steam Awards, and reviews all submitted nominations to ensure that all games are from the year of release. Games are nominated and voted on by steam users, making each category a players choice. Last night was the 4th award ceremony by Steam, and you can check out all of the winners from this year's awards below. • Game of the Year- Red Dead Redemption 2 – Red Dead Redemption 2 released for PC after the Nomination for 2019's Game Awards, making it eligible for this year's awards. This was a surprising win considering all of the other incredible PC games we have seen this year including other nominees such as Hades and Death Stranding. • VR Game of the Year – Half Life Alyx – It is no surprise that Half-Life Alyx has won in this category, especially when you consider the effort valve has gone to to make this a part of the incredible Half-Life series. Whilst it came as a shock that not everybody would be able to play this title due to it being VR, those who could play it welcomed it into the community with open arms.

• Labour of Love - Counter Strike Global Offensive – Being one of Steams biggest games, it is no surprise that Counter-Strike has won an award based on its continued support from the devs and love from the community. • Better With Friends – Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout – This award focussed on games that are enjoyed more as a group than on your own and I can only imagine was a tough choice for fans especially with nominations such as Sea of Thieves and Risk of Rain 2, but ultimately the Beans at fall Guys have stolen the hearts of Steam Players as well as those that voted in last years Game Awards. • Most Innovative Gameplay – Death Stranding – When it comes to creative innovation Death Stranding by Kojima productions was undoubtedly at the forefront, but this year it had some tough competition with games such as Superliminal and Noita coming close to taking the prize from it.

• Outstanding Story Rich Games – Red Dead Redemption 2 – Red Dead Redemptions second award from last night once again comes as no surprise thanks to the incredible storytelling used by Rockstar, as we follow the life of Arthur Morgan and his band of men and women out to make a living through any means necessary. • Best game you suck at – Apex Legends – When it comes to getting good Apex is definitely one of those games you need to keep playing to improve. The popular first-person shooter Battle royal was met with stiff competition by Crusader Kings 3, Ghost Runner, FIFA 2021 and GTFO all of which start tough, but always get better with practice. • Outstanding Visual Style – Ori and the Will of the Wisps – When it comes to visual style Ori and the Will of the Wisps certainly was a trailblazer among its other nominations. From its vibrant colour palette to its stunning character design, this incredible adventure game is definitely deserving of this award, in my opinion.
• Best Soundtrack – DOOM Eternal – DOOM Eternal faced stiffed competition this year thanks to the release of the Halo the Master Chief collection and Persona 4 Golden. Ultimately though the Heavy Metal Soundtrack of DOOM Eternal overcame all and was voted by Steam users as there number 1 soundtrack. • Sit Back and Relax – Sims 4 – Sims 4 made it into the steam library in the summer of 2020, and I couldn't think of a better category for the life simulator. Sims was and still is the ultimate chill-out game for PC, even with Microsoft's Flight Simulator and Untitled Goose Game.

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