The Stunning Moo Lander Is All Sorts Crazy But Totally In The Right Way

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Kyle Smith

Publish Date:

30 Mar 2021

Moo Lander is a game that is completely conscious of its own craziness, and embraces it with open arms, making it the standout game that it is. Keeping it as simple as possible, this title is about strange creatures, a civilisation of landers and… cows? Wait… Are these the cows that have been going missing over the years from Earth? If so, can we have some back please?– anyway, I digress!

In this game, players take control of a spaceship, which is challenged by a new planet and is required to navigate across all sorts of harsh terrains. This can range from big open world sections, which form the game's levels, through to tight claustrophobic tunnels, which require precision and skill to conquer. It’s in these mechanics, which have led the Developers to refer to this game as “a platformer without platforms”. - Oh did we mention the epic boss battles? Yeah, well there’s those, which may or may not involve mighty cows. (I'm sure we mentioned the cows… right?)

The concept of this game is easy to explain, players have to beam cows back to their home planet – because let’s be honest, milk is the cake of Moo Lander and everybody wants cake, right? Problem is, to beam the cows up, you have to take down the Ancient Mighty Cows, and these form the badass ‘Moo Souls’ boss moments that will put your button-mashing abilities to the test! Not all the Ancient Might Cows are the same either, so be ready to have to switch up your technique and learn how to defeat these dairy annoying bosses quickly and effectively. Get it? Dairy… very? No, okay, let's carry on then.

It’s clear in the offset that this game takes inspiration from so many other successful platformer games, but takes all of it mechanics in an entirely different direction. This game shares the same smoothness and beauty that you would find in an Ori game, and the humour and grit you would find in a game like Monkey Island, or Deponia. It’s silly, slapstick and udder-ly amazing. See that was a good pun right?! RIGHT? So, expect an excellent experiance with the full release of this game.

Moo Lander is set to release in Fall 2021, trying to hit stores in September / October time. Although this date is not yet confirmed. It will be initially coming to Steam, although intends to release on PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch shortly after. If you want to know more about this amazing game, check out their website here, and be sure to wishlist the game on steam here! As ever, be sure to let us know what you think on our Discord Server or our social media pages linked below.

No Cows were harmed in the making of this article.

Warning: this is an ACTUAL screenshot of the game, and MAY stun you with its visual beauty. Viewing Caution is advised.

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