They Always Run Don't stop chasing them

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Publish Date:

25 Nov 2021

Whenever I tell people what sort of films I was introduced to during my early years growing up in the middle of nowhere (Wales), I often answer with classic Westerns. My grumpy old grandfather loved them more than anything else, and I would often find myself sitting with him watching these now-iconic movies. While I wouldn't say I'm the world's biggest fan of the idea of dusty old American towns filled with outlaws and gunslinging sheriffs, they always caught my attention and inspired a young Silver in many ways. This leads me to today's article, where we find out what a three-armed man and a Sci-Fi western setting have in common? They Always Run by Alwarer premium aims to tell us.

You are Aiden, a bounty hunter whose goal is to hunt down the most ruthless and elusive cutthroats in the galaxy, a bounty hunter of sorts in the lawless, dusty galaxy and with a third hand, you're going to find it easier to dispatch these monsters, aliens and other beings all to get the most important thing to any bounty hunter MONIES! Along with some high-end gear or new abilities. The team at Alawar have gone for such a usual aesthetic. The detail they have shown so far has me amazed! In They Always Run,  Alware haven't stuck to one type of design. For example, the bars are all unique, from the dive bars of the underworld to the snazzier high roller bars that cater to those who are not your type of crowd.

How will you be dispatching these enemies, you yell? You use Parkour to throw yourself and hold onto ledges, and the famous third arm comes into play shooting your targets, but that's not all. You'll be armed with a sword that can deflect lasers as well as stab and slice your way through, giving you almost a Jedi sense of feeling when hunting. If that wasn't enough for you, you could even use your environment to your advantage, like throwing a massive box at people (something I occasionally want to do IRL).

The emphasis clearly is on speed and accuracy in this game, manoeuvring corridors full of enemies, bouncing across collapsing buildings and even climbing a blimp, all while an impressive soundtrack blares. However, that's not all the focus in They Always Run. There's an ongoing narrative about who you are, where your next target is and a galaxy-wide conspiracy too to get your teeth into, but these narrative twists aren't always kept to the end or beginning of the levels. You'll engage with people throughout your travels and do what you think is the best thing for them. They Always Run was released late last month on October 20th, and now getting to play through this experience has been an absolute "blast". They Always Run also has a limited sale with a whopping 40% off until December 1st! When you are next on Steam, I hope you check it out for yourself and let me know what you think by commenting on this articles post through our Facebook and Twitter pages below.

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