This Is Hand-drawn Point and Click Adventure Aurora The Lost Medallion

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Kyle Blooicide

Publish Date:

25 Apr 2021

This is Aurora: The Lost Medallion, which is another much-welcomed point and click adventure game in the indie games space. Taking inspiration from the hit classics of this genre, this title features witty humour, exploration, puzzle-solving and fun dialogue. With its beautifully designed hand-drawn world, players will be tasked to uncover the mysteries of Aurora's origins by exploring this unique planet and solving devilish puzzles.

Aurora is the youngest inhabitant of the Cave, who has been raised by intelligent machines, hidden in a world of technological wonder. In this world a group of kids spend their days preparing for a mysterious “Pilgrimage”, which is led by a cryptic voice, intending to guide them through this journey. Aurora however is the only child that has not got a voice to guide her and is challenged with the task of embarking on an adventure to answer the unsolved question around her origins. With a rigid cast of support characters and an amazing story to boot, Aurora: The Lost Medallion is set up to be a fantastic new entry to the point and click genre.

  • An intricate story of friendship and discovery: inspired by point & click classics such as The Dig and Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, The Lost Medallion is the first chapter in an epic tale of mystery in a deep sci-fi universe. Unravel the truth behind the Voices and their Pilgrimage over 12 hours of exciting gameplay, with the promise of more chapters and mysteries to come

  • Ingenious puzzles: it’ll take brains rather than brawn to fully explore the Cave. Use your wits and surroundings to solve devilish puzzles and tricky encounters, and learn the truth behind Eedor and the Voices.

  • Gorgeous hand-drawn graphics: colourful hand-painted scenes and characters transport you to the world of the Cave and the Lost Medallion. Answer the questions behind the Cave while exploring beautifully rendered backdrops, meeting a varied cast of fun, engaging characters.

  • A fully-voiced adventure: the fun cast of characters is brought to life by fully voiced dialogue, immersing you in the world and story.

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