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Jordan Smith

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Another incredible week has flown by here at 3Bit, and whilst the gaming news front has been quiet, we have still got more news to share with more incredible showcases, even more, amazing releases and more great indie games entering our radar! On top of that, our 3Bit streams have been rebranded as we start to highlight your gaming news, along with the latest and greatest from around the gaming world in all-new ways! Have you managed to check out everything from the last 7 day? If not be sure to check out all the headlines from the last 7 Days below in our weekly catch up, This Week In Gaming!

· The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in The Dark Releases on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Google Stadia. You can check out all the details for this incredible new release here.

· An all-new Resident Evil Showcase brought us even more exciting news for the upcoming release of Village and other great Resident Evil titles.

· This week our indie spotlight was focused on 6 incredible Indie games, Space Wreck, Digital Soul Data, Holomento, Mic: A Tiny Tale, Armored Xpress and Chromosome Evil. You can check out all the details for each of these incredible looking games here on the 3Bit news page.

· Aloy joins the Fortnite Roster for a limited time! Have you picked it up yet?

· A petition for Sony to approve Days Gone 2 has gone viral this weekend. The Petition went live at the start of the week and has seen an incredible climb in numbers as it gets close to its 50000 signatures goal.

·  The next Ubisoft Ubisoft Forward event will take place during E3 on June 12th.

· Smoke and Sledge gets a new Rick and Morty Crossover outfit  in Rainbow Six Siege.

· Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase brings more new and exciting announcements for the Nintendo Switch, including Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals.

· Mass Effect Legendary Edition has gone Gold!

· Sea of Thieves season 2 goes live and brings Fort raids and new cosmetics.

· House of The Dead is coming to Nintendo Switch in an all-new remake.

And with that you are caught up for another week here at 3Bit! Be sure to stay with us as we continue to bring you all the latest from around the gaming world, and if you want to do more than just read the latest from around the gaming world then keep your eyes on our social media pages as we will be bringing you our Indie highlights, playing through the 3Bit archives and much more with regularly broadcast streams from the 3Bit writers and our incredible streamers MrsSyther and Timster91.

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