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Jordan Smith

Publish Date:

20 Jun 2021

Wow, what an amazing past few weeks we have had around the gaming world, with not just E3, but wholesome direct, Summer Games Fest, PC Gaming Show, Future Game Show, Steam Next Fest, ID@Xbox's Demo event, along with a plethora of releases and other incredible news pieces from around the gaming world. Along with all of these amazing events, we have also been busy upgrading the 3Bit website with a new and improved review page which you can check out with our latest review for Chivalry 2. But now we are back in full swing. For the first time in over a fortnight, we have a new catch up article for you in This Week In Gaming, which for this week we have extended beyond the last 7 days to cover all of the incredible events and our highlights from all of them.

  • These Summers gaming events kicked off with Summer Games Fest hosted by Geoff Keighley, where we got a tonne of unexpected and exciting announcements, which included Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, Death Stranding Directors Cut, Metal Slug Tactics, Dark Pictures: House of Ashes and the highly anticipated Elden Ring, which blew audiences away with the unexpected new trailer and release date announcement (Jan 21st 2022).

  • Between Sumer Games Fest and E3, EA released their update for Jedi Fallen Order, which brings this incredible Star Wars title into the next generation with updated graphics and loading times.

  • Building up towards the main event of E3, we got an awesome showcase from the Guerilla Collective, which brought us a tonne of new indie announcements and updates from titles such as Rawmen, Despot's Game, Sable, and Grime, along with many more amazing titles, unfortunately, there are just too many to name.

  • Quickly following up the Guerilla Collective was Wholesome Direct, which brought us announcements and updates on everything wholesome coming to PC and console with titles such as Witchery Acadamy, Sally and A Walk With YiaYia.

  • Ubisoft kicked off E3 with many incredible announcements and updates from titles that have been flying under the radar since their initial announcements. These titles include Far Cry 6, Rainbow 6 Extraction (Formerly Quarantine), Mario and Rabbids: Sparks OF Hope and an all-new video game based on James Cameron's blockbuster title Avatar, with Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.

  • Following Ubisoft, at E3, we had Xbox and Bethesda, who brought an incredible lineup of games coming to Xbox consoles, including Starfield, Replaced, Flight Simulator, and Outerworlds 2. We also got updates for Sea of Thieves, with a new Pirates of the Caribbean crossover and the highly anticipated Halo Infinite, where we got to see an all-new story and multiplayer Trailer.

  • Moving into Day 2 of E3, we got an incredible opening day from square Enix, where we got announcements for an all-new Final Fantasy title with a Souls-like vibe, Stranger in Paradise. Square Enix continued to surprise us with even more announcements, including Guardians Of The Galaxy the Game, Babylon's Fall, and A Plague Tale: Reguim and updates on Life is Strange remastered and Life is Strange: True Colours.

  • Warner Brothers, who have several games coming soon, chose to give their time slot exclusively to the former Left 4 Dead team at turtle rock, who gave us yet another fantastic update for Back 4 Blood. We will likely see more updates from Warner Bros. from their next DC Fandome Event, which is yet to be announced.

  • The PC Gaming Show by PC Gamer Magazine brought tonnes of exciting announcement during E3, including the release date for Dying Light 2, which is coming to Xbox PlayStation and PC on December 7th 2021.

  • Take 2 Interactive caused a disturbance with their E3 showcase by bringing fans a closed-off Zoom call centring around equality and diversity within the industry rather than discussing games. This bold move ultimately led to E3 day 3 receiving more dislikes than likes on the official E3 channel and left many questioning whether E3 is the right place to hold closed discussions like this.

  • Outside of E3, Naughty Dog's The Last of Us Turned 8 this week.

  • Capcom's E3 showcase brought us several updates, including news that a new DLC is in the making for Resident Evil Village. We also got more details on Monster Hunter Stories Wings of Ruins and our first look at the western edition of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.

  • Razer gives us a showcase where they revealed the "ultimate" 14" laptop, which was built with an AMD processor, along with tonnes of new peripherals and accessories, which included the "Razer Mask", AKA Project Hazel.

  • Nintendo steals the show at E3 during the final day as they bring with them an all-new look at Breathe of the Wild 2, which was built up to with the announcement of a new Legend of Zelda Game and Watch. Along with incredible Zelda announcements, we got many other surprises, including Metroid Dread, a ground-up remake of Advance Wars 1+2, A remaster of Super Monkey ball (which will also be coming to Xbox and PlayStation consoles),  an all-new Wario Ware and Mario Party, which will include a range of classic levels.

  • Keeping with the Nintendo Showcase, the E3 show-stealers also revealed a series of previously announced games that will also be coming to Nintendo Switch, including Square Enix's Guardians of the Galaxy, Strange Brigade (out now), and both the Life is Strange Remaster and Life is Strange: True Colours.

  • Moving away from E3 Summer Games Fest and ID@Xbox have teamed up for an incredible demo event, giving us over 30 games to try now before they release in the near future. So if you haven't checked out this incredible event already, what are you waiting for! The event ends tomorrow, so there is still time to try some out. We will also have our top picks from this event available to check out soon.

  • Bloober Team's The Medium will be coming to PlayStation 5 later this year on September 3rd.

  • Steam Next Fest also kicked off this week with tonnes of live streams and over 700 demos to test out. With titles such as Naraka Blade Point and Lawnmower Simulator on offer, it will be hard to make your choice on which ones to try out first. If you haven't checked it out yet, fear not as Steam Next Fest will continue until June 22nd.

  • Pokemon Unite, the new MOBA by Tencent, is coming to Nintendo Switch Next Month and mobile devices in September.

Did you manage to keep up with everything from this incredible start to a summer of gaming news? If you want to keep up with all the latest and greatest from around the gaming world with us here at 3Bit before our weekly catch-ups, then be sure to follow us on our social media channels below. Alternatively, you can join our fantastic community on Discord. You will find your invite to this on the 3Bit home page.

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