This is Potentia - An Impressive Indie Showcase of Action and Adventure

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Kyle Smith

Publish Date:

9 Feb 2021

Potentia, developed by Turkish indie studio Wily Pumpkin is a game about a couple forced to face the consequences of war. As their entire city is wiped out by an unknown energy weapon, it is left barren and seemingly lifeless. However, Animals have survived, Building remain intact and the only thing that was erased from existence was the humans caught up in the explosion. Players follow the story of protagonist Victor, who is pit into this empty new world, faced to bare it with a mysterious new friend.

This title offers what I call an indie experience of The Last of Us meets Splinter Cell. Every engagement can be met with different approaches, and its down to the player to follow their instincts to survive each of the deep moments for this game. Approach your enemies silently, and take them down one by one, get in close by charging your enemies and taking them down in brutal hand to hand combat. Or, if you have the ammo, lock and load and unleash a barrage of fire upon them. But players will be challenged to use med-kits and ammo wisely, as it is not widely available.

From the offset of playing Potentia is is clear that this is an indie game, made with a very small team. Although, the skill, time and effort to make this game can be seen in every aspect of it. Sure the walking can seem a bit more mechanical than your typical AAA games, but the team at Wily Pumpkin really have given their all with this game, and showcased what they can do with a small budget, and high ambitions. I would suggest that people give this game a go, look past its imperfections and appreciate this as a piece of art! Potentia comes to Steam on 11th February and has a Demo which is available today! Be sure to give it a go!

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