This is Project Sang the Souls like Indie Which Raises the Bar

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Kyle Smith

Publish Date:

4 Feb 2021

Project Sang is a game which has been in active development for about 2 years and is being developed by a single person, with music being composed by Mount West Music. The game draws its inspiration from the Souls series, but unlike the many titles that have tried and failed before due to their game lacking identity, Project Sang has managed to deliver a great new experience which holds its own identity and charm. Sporting a smooth beautiful 2D pixelated design, this title offers a unique playstyle which mixes up fast-paced combat with deadly skill-based battling.

Project Sang is an RPG in which challenges its players to explore its harsh environments, whilst collecting its key currency, essence to level up both their equipment and character. Although, it is to be said that with how smooth the controls feel, and how responsive character actions are, if you became particularly good at the game in a skill sense, then it is likely you would be able to tackle this game with pure skill alone - but that wouldn’t be for the ‘faint of heart’. The story of Sang is offered in the form of events and lore. At some stages during its key milestones, you will find world items such as monoliths rich with information, or events will occur offering up context to protagonist Sangs journey. The story is simple, but effective: Sang suffers from vision which show her a world which is ending, showing many examples of how she will die. Looking for her own kin in this brutal world, Sang can only rely on herself as the gods have drawn to a silence with no clue as to where they have gone. It’s down to you as the player to find out what has happened.

I got the honour of being able to play Project Sangs playtest demo, in which I had quite a lot of fun with it. What’s clear is that finding your own playstyle is important in this game. Here are a few of my key take aways: • Each weapon has its strengths and weaknesses. Swords are fast and wide, whilst having only a short range, whilst other weapons may have a long range and a narrow attack spread. • Another area which impressed me was with the way that Project Sang offers its spell system. Instead of simply clicking a button and casting a spell, Project Sang has you memorise an input pattern to cast it against enemies, making for a unique ‘caster’ experience. • Stamina management, healing item management and managing your gear in this game, like many other RPGs is key. However, the game offers a little bit easier of an experience to which a Souls game would offer. All of these feel ‘fair’ and never verge on the side of feeling like the game is trying to be as hard as possible. After playing Project Sangs demo, it definitely left me wanting more, to see what other bosses, secrets and new combat mixtures it has to offer! Project Sang is targeted to be releasing on and steam. As more information comes out we will be sure to update you on it. We cannot wait to get our hands on the full release when it comes out.

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