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Jordan Smith

Publish Date:

3 Jan 2021

With everybody on their holiday break and hibernating for the finale of 2020 the gaming world has been silent this week, but now the new year is here, meaning it is a time for resolutions to be kept or broken and for us all to start returning to our everyday routines. However, the new year isn't all drab as we also have a tonne of games to be excited for this year, so we thought we would share some of the games we are most excited for in 2021. 2021 is set to be an incredibly exciting year in gaming, and though some of these titles have not got a locked-in release date, we have been given 2021 as the year. Is your most anticipated game for 2021 in this list? Let us know by joining our social media channels below and letting us know in this article's comments. • Far Cry 6 - May 26th (rumoured) – First revealed last year, Far Cry 6 is scheduled to launch in Q2 2021. However, a release date was briefly displayed on the Microsoft Store as May 26th, though this has not yet been made official. Far Cry 6 will take us to the totalitarian island of Yara, where we will meet the evil dictator Anton Castillo (Portrayed by Giancarlo Esposito) who is hell-bent on restoring Yara to its former glory. As a freedom fighter in this open-world adventure, it is up to you to put an end to his tyrannical grip on the island. • Kena Bridge of Spirits – Q1 2021 – Ember Labs' upcoming game puts us into the shoes of Kena, a spirit guide who helps the departed move along to the spirit world. Kena will need to guide these spirits to their new home. Unfortunately for Kena, this isn't a Sunday morning walk, and danger lurks around the corner, as a Kena will need to defend these spirits from a variety of enemies with her staff. If enemies are weak enough, her spirit companions will then assist her in the fight.

• Horizon Forbidden West – 2021 – Aloy returns in the sequel to one of PlayStation and PC's greatest action Adventure games, Horizon Zero Dawn. In Forbidden West Aloy's people are suffering from a deadly plague. Aloy is tasked with heading West to the Forbidden lands, where she must find the plague's source and heal her people. The West is full of new, deadly enemies, hidden ruins and harsh deserts. Aloy's adventure will also now give her the skill to explore underwater for the first time, who knows what secrets lurk in the depths below. • God of War: Ragnarök – 2021 – After the dramatic events that transpired in 2018's God Of War it is only fitting that things will escalate dramatically for PlayStations favourite Spartan in God of War: Ragnarök. Whilst not a lot is known of this title yet, we can only guess that based on its title, we will see the downfall of the Norse gods accelerate, thanks to Kratos and his Boy Atreus. How both characters have grown in the time gap between the adventures is also unknown, but as we step into 2021, I am sure we will see a lot more of the father-son duo before its release.

• Halo Infinite – 2021 – Halo Infinite saw a very mixed reception last year during one of the few Xbox Showcases, which ultimately led to its delay into 2021. The Highly anticipated Xbox and PC shooter will see the return of Xbox's favourite Spartan as he wakes up from Cryosleep to be met by the return of the Brutes, led by Halo Wars 2's dreaded commander Atriox. Along with the continuation of Halo's epic story, we will also see the return of Halo's outstanding multiplayer and will offer Free to play Multiplayer. However, we are unsure what this will entail just yet as the full details have not yet been released. • Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart – 2021 – 2021 certainly seems like it will be a year for sequels as we will also be seeing the return of our favourite Lombax Ratchet and his trusty robot companion Clank in Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart. Ratchet and Clank's latest instalment will take full advantage of the PlayStation 5's SSD as you pull the level around you to change the battle into your favour every time. Rift Apart will also bring back returning villain Dr Nefarious and a new character who will make Ratchet realise he is not the last of his kind.

• Back 4 Blood – June 22nd – From the creators of Left 4 Dead comes an all-new Zombie shooter for you and your friends, with all the nostalgia you could want, along with some incredible new enemies and features. Back 4 Blood takes everything that was great with Left 4 Dead and really cranks it up to 11, with horrifying new zombies, and more hordes than before. Will you be able to make it to the safe room? After playing the Beta for Back 4 Blood, I am incredibly excited for this title and cannot wait to play the full version on its release later this year. • Hogwarts Legacy – 2021 – We haven't seen a full harry potter game outside of mobile devices, in almost ten years, so for fans of the books and movies this title has come as a very welcome surprise for them. Hogwarts Legacy will take players back to the 1800s as they enrol as a student at Hogwarts, where they can enjoy an open world of wizarding adventure in a game that almost every Harry Potter fan young and old has only dreamed of. Players will be sorted into houses and will be able not just to explore Hogwarts, where they can attend various magical classes, but will also be able to venture into the forbidden forest, and Hogsmeade Village.

• Resident Evil Village- Following the events of Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil 8 will take our protagonist Ethan Winters to a whole new location of Horrors and the occult, thanks to Chris Redfield who seems to be taking the role of antagonist, in a stunning twist from trailers earlier this year. Much like its predecessor Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil's 8th instalment will play in the first person and will see Ethan once again thrown out of his element in a fight for survival against the unknown. • Cyber Shadow – January 26th 2020 – It wouldn't be 3Bit without including an indie title and Cyber Shadow is one that all of here at 3Bit cannot wait to get our hands on later this month. Cybershadow takes a step back from modern graphics and brings us a dystopian 8-Bit world where technology has overtaken humanity. Shadow, a Ninja from Mekacity, is sent back to his home as humanities last hope to end the synthetic lifeforms that have taken over the city. Cyber Shadow is a 2D action platformer filled with formidable enemies and over 12 bosses for you to conquer as the ultimate future Ninja.

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