Total War Rome Remastered has been announced

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Jordan Smith

Publish Date:

25 Mar 2021

Sega and Creative assembly have come together to bring back an iconic chapter from the Total War Franchise, as players new and old will get to relive the conquest of the Roman Empire in Total War: Rome Remastered. The Iconic Real Time Strategy is returning to PC with full 4K graphics, Widescreen support, UHD Support and incredible remodelling within the level designs, architecture, and units. Along with visual enhancements we will also be seeing some modernisation to the gameplay which includes map rotation and zoom improvements along with heatmaps and displays to make your command over the Roman Empire the greatest.

Total War Rome Remastered will also include enhanced gameplay features, where players can now expand their armies with 16 different factions that were previously locked. This gives players 38 playable factions. You can also take the battle with your friends across platform too (Cross Platform Windows, Mac and Linux). To top it all of an all-new agent type has been added to the game, Merchants. Merchants can be sent all around the world and trade, access resources and outbid rivals to increase your income and assert your dominance across the roman empire.

Total War Rome 2 Remastered will release later next month on April 29th and for a limited time will be available at half price for those who already own Rome: Total War. This offer will be availible until May 31st at 23:00 GMT.

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