Twelve minutes Ever heard of Deja vu

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Publish Date:

22 Jul 2021

For those who don’t know, I love Doctor Who, im a bit obsessed with the idea of time travel and paradox. Wait, does this sound like Déjà vu to anyone?

Twelve Minutes is a simple idea story but embraces the branching narrative, literally in this case. In Twelve Minutes, you are a man whose evening of romancing with his wife is interrupted by the police and death. That’s when you find out you’re stuck in a time loop. While the idea is simple, there aren’t many games like this out there telling a story as complex as this.

From a gameplay perspective, this is really fascinating to me, using your experience of the last loop to modify and change your decisions for this loop, but how many loops will it take? How long until the mystery gets unravelled. How can you make your precious minutes and seconds last? Maybe lock the door to stop the police barging in, set the table before your wife asks. While you’re going through many of these loops, you’ll learn how to micromanage your seconds to finally get through it.

While this is an indie title published by the incredible team at Anapurna and developed by Luis Antonio, it is masterfully voiced by James McAvoy, Daisy Ridley and Willem Dafoe, a very high profile cast naturally providing a more profound engagement for all fans. Taking cues from The Shining for suspense, claustrophobia from Rear Window and even the fractured Momento, the interactive narrative style game will really set itself apart from any other indie game you’ll play this year. Twelve Minutes is out on 19 August on Xbox One, Series X and PC.

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