War Mongrels Is Out Now!

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Jordan Smith

Publish Date:

17 Oct 2021

Today we see the release of War Mongrels by Destructive Creations. This Isometric adventure is filled with story, strategy, stealth and intense combat as we play as 2 soldiers defecting from the Third Reich in WW2. This Real-time Strategy puts you into the shoes of the 2 defectors and the comrades in arms they will make along the way as they try to survive the horrific battles that took place along the eastern front.

I was fortunate enough to play War Mongrels at EGX this year, and I was left awestruck at how amazing this game is. A lot of effort has gone into the level designs and the gameplay mechanics, where war is not glorified and direct combat is not an option. Stealth is pivotal in War Mongrels, and the way that Destructive Creations have implemented that within a real-time strategy game is incredible. When you are successful in sneaking between Third Reich and Soviet forces, you feel fantastic because this is not an easy game! You will have a range of tools at your disposal, from glass bottles and pocket watches to distract enemies to a knife to make deadly attacks on your former brothers in arms and other enemies that surround you.

What makes War Mongrels even more impressive is the inspiration behind the story, as one of the main characters has been heavily inspired by the developers kin who fought in WW2. Each character from War Mongrels has their own unique ability to, from brawling multiple opponents simultaneously to scale walls to areas other players cannot reach, making for some very intense and tactical choices within each map. Personally, I cannot wait to get even deeper into the story of War Mongerals and see what else Destructive creations have in store for the 2 german defectors as they journey across the eastern front.

If you are as excited for War Mongrels as I am, you can check it out for yourself now on PlayStation and Xbox Consoles and PC, or you can go directly to Destructive Creations website to pick up the incredible limited edition version, which includes some awesome themed merch!

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