Watchdogs Legion Release Date and Gameplay Details

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Kyle Smith

Publish Date:

In the Ubisoft conference today, we were treated to a spectacularly stylish short film and new gameplay for their new upcoming game Watchdogs Legion. From between the short film and the new gameplay one thing is apparent, Ubisoft has absolutely captured the essence of what makes the city of London, the great big city that it is. Be prepared for the most iconic of British accents with a large sum of the cast seemingly sounding like they were born within hearing distance of the Bow Bells (criteria to be considered cockney in London).

In the short film we were showcased a chase sequence by one of the ‘Legion Resistance fighters’ in pursuit by what appears to be the future defence force (police) of London, although using a lot more aggressive pursuit techniques to capture this runner, the law certainly seems to have a strangle hold over the city of London. We get snippets of a lot of movement clues, and vehicles we will find in the complete game. See this epic short film below:

After the short film we were given a good structured look into the gameplay of Watchdogs Legion and its safe to say that it going to be a fun experience. The key theme of the games setting is oppression. Whether that be from a legal/political stance through to the dark underworld of organised crime, the citizens of London are being oppressed and treated as Guinee pigs in everyday life. With both factions, as bad as each-other, the protagonist resistance group "Legion," will be facing off against both of these large embedded factions, with the simple aim of taking them down, to utlimately bring back order to the city. To do so, Legion needs to have people and resources. It’s here where the game draws on the key mechanic of variety. Any NPC character that you come across in London Ubisoft boasts that they will be recruit-able and therefore playable. Each character type will vary in complexity to recruit and will play entirely different. Some of the examples we were given was a dock worker who is able to use construction tools and vehicles to get around obstacles. In the show case we were shown him standing on a cargo drone, to get over a wall. We also see a football hooligan, who is addicted to alcohol and passes out mid mission, an old lady who is handy with a taser and many other character mix ups. All these characters have unique loadouts that match their story and offers a new approach to accessing a mission. There so much to talk about with this epic title but check out the trailer at the top of this article for the full run down of what to expect from this epic entry to the series.

Watchdogs is releasing on 29th October 2020 and will be signed up to “Smart Delivery” meaning if you get the game on Xbox One you will get it free on Xbox Series X. Although, not officially announced for PS4 to PS5, it is highly likely that we will see this offer available for those consoles too. For more information on Watchdog Legion, stay with us here at 3-Bit.

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