We Would Like to Remind You That a HD Version of Alex Kidd in Miracle World is Being Made

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Kyle Smith

Publish Date:

Announced roughly 8 months ago now, it seemed to have slipped my mind that there was a remake of, what is easily, the best Alex Kidd game! So, when I came across it again, my excitement for it shot back up and my hype re-invigorated! Alex Kidd in Miracle World was a game that came pre-installed on certain Sega Master Systems, in which if you booted up the console without a cartridge it would boot up Alex Kidd. It was an incredible feature, that I personally was sad never carried over to other consoles that preceded it.

In Alex Kidd, you simply jump, punch, swim and play Rock, Paper, Scissors to beat its 17 incredible levels. You collect money as you adventure through, which can be used to buy a manner of different and awesome things. Most famously, was the motorbike! This little motor would dash across the map at amazing speeds, but if you hit a red orb, then you would lose your bike and have to run through the rest of the level. It was always exciting and exhilarating to test how far you could get. I remember during school days as a kid, we would all discuss our distances reached!

For those unaware, the remake comes with some nice new feature too:

  • A Legend Reborn – Dive into a stunning recreation of Alex Kidd in Miracle World with striking new art and tighter, more fluid controls.

  • New Modes – New modes such including ‘Classic Mode’ and ‘Boss Rush Mode’ will be available for players alongside the standard game.

  • New Levels – Experience new levels which expand the lore of the original and feature new enemy types and vehicles

  • Alternative Boss Fights – New and improved boss fight mechanics with more intuitive combat.

  • Classic Mode – Experience the original game with boss fights, dialogue, levels and functions the same as the original Master System version.

  • New and remastered music - A wide array of reimagined music tracks as well as remastered tracks from the original classic game!

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