We finally get to see Halo Infinite Again Including Multiplayer

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Jordan Smith

Publish Date:

13 Jun 2021

The Xbox and Bethesda showcase has just come to a close as we kick off day 2 of E3. In an event filled with over 30 titles on display during the event, we have some incredible news to share with you, starting with Halo infinite, which we haven't seen a trailer since its questionable gameplay reveal last year, that ultimately delayed the popular shooter title until later this year. Now in the new E3 trailer, we are seeing a major improvement as we get a close look at the Zeta Halo ring, the Largest environment within a Halo game so far.

During this trailer, we also got to learn some more about the story, most importantly that it seems Cortana is "alive". By alive, we mean she hasn't been deleted, as Master Chief's current AI states that she was supposed to be deleted when Cortana is deleted. It would seem we are going to be tracking down Cortana as we battle a Brute occupation on the Zeta Halo ring, led by Halo Wars 2 antagonist Atriox.

Moving onto the multiplayer, Halo Infinite's is looking absolutely insane with tonnes of new battle features that include the grappling hook that we have seen heavily featured in the campaign, along with the ability to grab and throw objects such as fuel canisters at unsuspecting opponents. The Multiplayer also looks like it will feature a few new vehicles that we will endeavour to bring you more information on as soon as possible, along with more iconic vehicles such as the Warthog and Banshee.

Halo Infinite will also see the return of Ordanance drops, allowing players to call in more powerful weapons and vehicles to assist in the battle. My main worry is that this will use the card system that has previously been implemented in other Halo titles where payers could redeem cards that are awarded in loot boxes, making for a rather unfair advantage to those who paid for multiple boxes over the players who earnt them.

What features are you hoping the free to play multiplayer for Halo Infinite will include (or not include)?  were you blown away by anything we may have missed, such as the return of the Hayabusa armour?Join us on our social media channels below and take part in the discussion. Alternatively, you can take the discussion further with our incredible community of gamers, devs streamers and the 3Bit team on our discord, which you can join by clicking your invite on the 3-Bit.co.uk home page.

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