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Publish Date:

13 Jun 2021

Even though Dying Light 2 was announced in 2019, we've had a few more trailers thrown at us and even a dev chat on E3. I wanted to take a closer look at these and see what this new world set 20 years later looks like and what I'm excited for. Dying Light 2: Stay Human comes to us on December 7th 2021, for PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Series X and S and PC, providing us with an open world within a city, which is where it seems all the action takes place. Following the first Dying Light, it seems they've continued, focused and improved their parkour focused "zombie" action game. Going back through the E3 trailer, the Dev wanted to make something clear: they are not zombies. They're infected people. I wonder if this is related to the new plot nuggets they've provided us with.

Story-wise we have been teased with a bit more too, you play as Aiden, the protagonist on a pretty straightforward mission. Go find your sister Mia. A nightmare and a voiced intro gives us a bit more to go with, Aiden and Mia being in a lab being tested, but why? And why such a young age? We don't know, all we do know is a fire broke out, and we were "rescued" by soldiers. Leading us to more questions, where is she? What were these tests? What will the implications be?

Let's take a quick look at the gameplay, so I mentioned a greater focus on parkour which I really think is a great idea as this City is primarily set on the rooftops. Yes, they implemented some of these in the original game, but as they have shown, it does seem to provide a greater variety to get to grips with. The running at top speed and double kicking "zombies" in the face, aka the reverse superman, was always my favourite in Dying Light. Coming with this, I noticed a few additional gadgets to play with, including a parachute, grappling hook (queue scorpions get over here), spears and even more to the classes of weapons to use. I am pleased they've taken this to the next level as this will mean combined with upgrades, you can approach any situation with a play style that suits you. Like DL1, this also comes with the co-op for up to 4 players, which, as shown in the original game, can only lead to mischief, laughs, and a great deal more of "did you just see that".

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