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Jordan Smith

Publish Date:

18 Aug 2021

Today we have an all-new Pokémon Presents, which has brought tonnes of new Pokédata for many Pokémon games including Pokémon Unite, Shining Diamond, Brilliant Pearl and the highly anticipated Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

Starting with the first Pokémon MOBA, Pokémon Unite, we will be seeing the mobile version of the game launch on September 22ndand will allow cross progression of Pokémon and styles with the Nintendo Switch version through linked accounts.

Sticking with mobile Pokémon games very briefly, the Galar region will be coming to Pokémon Go as it turns 5! Wooloo, Skwovet and Falinks all join the Pokémon Go roster between August 20th and August 31st. Will you be catching these 3 or will you go for the legendries Zacian and Zamazents? The 2 legendary dogs will appear in 5 Star raids between August 20thand 26th (Zacian) and August 26th – September 1st(Zamazeta).

Moving into upcoming Nintendo Switch releases we get a new look at Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl which will be releasing on November 19th for Nintendo Switch. In a new trailer we get to check out the brilliantly remastered world of Sinnoh, where we will be taking part in Pokémon battles, Pokémon contests, customising Pokéballs and even building our own base in the dungeons. Many gameplay experiences have been enhanced and added to including the new Pokémon hide away in the grand underground which will hide rare and unique Pokémon that appear base on the statues in your secret base. Pokéballs customisation is also a new feature and will allow you to change the appearance and even add an effect to your Pokémon leaving its Pokéball. You can also customise your character now too, with new outfits to make your trainer just as unique as yourself.

The main show piece of this Pokémon Presents however is of course Pokémon Legends Arceus, currently in development by Gamefreak, releasing next year on Nintendo Switch on January 28th.. This new featurette to the highly anticipated Pokémon title included a new trailer highlighting the breath-taking scenery, the stunning towns and of course the Pokémon that inhabit the land along with the people. Along with that we saw many incredible features including the use of Pokémon for exploration, with the trainers riding Pokémon in land air and sea, all before battling Pokémon with mysterious red eyes.

After the trailer we got a closer look at some of the new elements coming to the Pokémon RPG, which will take place in the feudal Hisui Region. Which will later become Sinnoh. Jubilife village will serve as home base for the player in this exciting trip into Pokémon past, as we join the Galaxy Expedition team made up of trainers from various other regions. As part of the exploration team we will be given our first Pokémon and will be set out to research Pokémon completing the first Pokédex as part of the Survey Corps. Pokémon Legends: Arceus will feature a number of fetch and return quests within the survey corps it would seem, where you will need to explore the wild, capture Pokémon and then return said Pokémon to the quest giver, but thankfully that is not all that is involved within the game, but what that entails we do not know yet as they are keeping the story heavily under wraps.

Moving onto Wild Pokémon and Pokémon Battles, we will be able to capture Wild Pokémon straight of the cuff, without engaging in a battle or even into a separate game screen like in previous titles, instead we will be able to make our own approaches, loud or stealth and throw a Pokéball at the target before it flees. If you want to battle a wild Pokémon then that too also works differently, as we will be able to be a true Pokémon trainer now and throw our Pokéball containing a desired Pokémon at the ground near a wild Pokémon to begin the battle. From there we also got to see a few new feature too. In combat each move will determine your placement in the action order and can mean sometimes you are able to make multiple attacks in a row, based on the move and your speed stat. Additionally wre will also be able to choose between 2 attack styles for each move, agile and strong. Agile attacks Strong attacks will increase the power, but decrease the speed, meaning if we were able to use the move twice, now it will only be once, but will hit with a more powerful force, which would work great for super effective attacks, meanwhile Agile attacks will allow us to potentially make more of the same attack, but there will be a damage reduction for the enemy, as these attacks will not hit with as much power.

Finally we got to see some of the new Pokémon and regional variations living within the Hisui Region, which included Wyrdeer, an evolution of Standtler, and one we saw our trainer riding on the land. Next up we got to see the seafaring Pokémon Basculegion, a large looking fish Pokémon, that has some dragon-like features. This water type Pokémon evolves from Basculin who are possessed by the restless souls of other Basculin. Variation in Hisui region include a new psychic Braviary, and a much fluffier looking Growlith, but you will find it’s rockier than you’d think.

Pre orders for both the Diamond and Pearl Remaster and Legends Arceus are available on the Nintendo eShop now! Are you as excited as we are for these incredible looking games? Let us know by joining us on Facebook and Twitter and sharing your thoughts in this articles comments.

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