What Happened With Take Twos Showcase

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Jordan Smith

Publish Date:

14 Jun 2021

Today during E3, Take-Two Interactive took the stage with a controversial showcase that has divided gamers expecting the latest from the publisher's many teams, including Rockstar, 2K, Firaxis and much more. However, rather than announcing the highly anticipated titles we are all eager to hear about, we were given a corporate presentation about equality which was hosted in a very dull, very preachy feeling zoom call. Take-Two is one of the biggest companies out there in the gaming world and to come to E3 with something that feels more like an uninspiring lecture is a very bold move, and whilst they carry a strong message, there are a million and 1 better ways to bring this message to your fans, for example through an exciting video that invites gamers to join this discussion in a more open environment where the discussion could have been taken further, rather than through a closed group of selected representatives.

As I said before, this discussion on equality in the industry NEEDS to be had, but holding a business meeting style conference is not the right way to bring these themes to E3. Instead, we should be seeing how Take-Two has actioned these things, such as the Lawson fund, which was seen spinning in the chat head for USC games. However, nothing was truly shared on this and was left spinning above the USC representative.

This meeting that Take-Two has brought us discusses many powerful and vital subjects covering gender, race, and identity. This is a discussion that needs to be had, but that is what it needs to be in my opinion, a discussion. Where these representatives can be given the opportunity to answer questions from those who may not be well educated on these subjects along with those who are experiencing many of the trials that are being discussed day in and day out. What are your thoughts on Take-Two, bringing the discussion to E3? Let us know in this article's comments on our social media channels below.

We at 3Bit respect and admire the courage of the representatives for Take-Two Interactive in this video and hope they can bring this discussion to the rest of the industry in the future through stronger mediums to start seeing the changes that are desperately needed within the gaming industry.

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