What We Think Is The Best Launch Next Gen Game

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Kyle Smith

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Now that both the PS5 and Xbox Series X are out, we can openly talk about the games available and everyone is giving their opinion as to what is the best next gen game. Well in this article I want to break that down and give our opinion and why below. Now to set some ground rules, the game has to have released with a Xbox Series or PlayStation 5 version, and it cannot be a simple ‘enhanced for’ game like what Cyberpunk 2077 will be doing at launch.

So, I have 2 favourites and I think its fair to break them apart as one is an Indie title and the other is a fully designed ‘Next Gen’ title. So let’s start on the one that that we all want to know, the ‘Next Gen’ title! Well that’s simple, it has to be PlayStation 5’s Spiderman: Miles Morales. Now I know what you’ve heard that it’s a short game or it’s only an expansion to the PS4 Spiderman game. But No, it really isn’t. Miles Morales is a fantastic spectacle that gives us a small glimpse into what the new generation can bring. For those of you who are primarily Xbox players, I would say that it would be worth while checking out the game and seeing it for yourself.

The reason we think Miles Morales holds this title (so far) is because it uses so many tricks to make the game look incredible graphically, showcasing the new buzz feature Ray-Tracing and is all round a solid game. In the screenshot above that we grabbed from in game you can see how all of this is tied together and how Insomniac have managed to make light bounce around the environment realistically and to add it looks this good consistently throughout the entire 8-10 storyline. Now remember that is just the storyline, I’ve got all of the achievements/trophies in the game, minus a second new game+ playthrough ones and I’m sitting at roughly 14 hours of gameplay. So, the game is short when compared to the previous title, but it is longer than a lot of other games that have come out as flagship titles during console launches. In its own right, Miles Morales is a tiny peak into what future titles will look like on BOTH next gen titles. It uses all of the newly applied power and creates a game that is spectacular to play.

But now let’s move onto another title that deserves just as much recognition for being a fantastic launch game for the next gen consoles. Now as far as indie titles go, sometimes they can be a bit hit and miss. You get some good titles, and you get some, not quite so good titles. What’s nice though, is that in this gen we have had a few good indie titles land on the console at launch, and to this effect one of them gave us what we consider to be a phenomenal experience. This was Pathless. Now Pathless released only on PlayStation, and I know both games in this article are PlayStation exclusive titles, but to defend Xbox on this one, their launch titles have been pushed back, to ensure that the best experiences are delivered for those titles and its always the exclusive titles that perform the best due to the fact they are built to utilise the consoles tech to the best of its capability (at that time).

But back onto Pathless. Pathless is a game where you play as hunter who has gone to rid an island of darkness. The only catch is that other hunters who have gone to do the same, have never returned. Quite a simple premise but trust me the delivery of this story is amazing. The best way to describe the Pathless is as a Journey meets Zelda crossover. Developers Giant Squid, have opted to create a game that uses artistic effects to make its game look good, opposed to Miles Morales that goes for realism. Pathless wears its artistic beauty on its chest and proudly parades this as you navigate its beautiful and smooth landscapes.

The Pathless makes use of the new Adaptive trigger and haptics of the PlayStation 5s new DualSense which only helps increase the immersion into its beautiful 60fps smooth motion. In the game you are required to find towers and their keys, by dashing around a rich landscape that tells its own stories. Instead of being a game rich with story, The Pathless asks you to search its world to fill in the blanks on your own, offering you short cutscenes at moments to help enrich the story and move it onto its next point. It’s a beautiful technique that we are seeing more and more in these new games, but its effective when used right, which is what this title does perfectly.

Although, this title isn’t always peaceful, in fact when it comes to the games boss fights, the direction of the game quickly shifts from calm to storm in seconds. At stages in the game a giant creature of the land will appear, spreading its corruption across the land, and you will need to chase it down, smartly using your bow to shoot crystals that give you a burst of speed, trying to keep up with the beast. Once the beast has grown tired of running, you will then enter a ‘Zelda-esk’ battle sequence with the boss to bring it down. Its this switch in gameplay that keeps the game moving and interesting. Ultimately, I urge anyone who has access to a PS4 or PS5 to play this wonderful title, although it is best experienced on the PS5.

As this is just the launch games of the title, this is a really good look into what we can expect out of the Xbox Series and PlayStation 5. Both games are a completely different direction of style, but ultimately use the brand-new SSD speeds, the new raw power and give us a good sample of next generation gaming. Although these both where for the PlayStation, we have to be clear that there isn’t actually going to be much difference between both consoles, and this is equally a good look in for Xbox gamers too, especially with the recent Microsoft developer acquisitions.

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