What that Mass Effect Trailer actually means for the Series

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Kyle Smith

Publish Date:

11 Dec 2020

At this year’s Game Awards, Bioware released a trailer for the next instalment of Mass Effect, which took player through the void of space, passing wreckage and remains on the way. Finally the trailer lands upon a Snowy planet, in which we see a silhouette travelling across a great wintery peak. In the last moments, we see this character pick up a piece of ship remains from the ground. After wiping away the snow from this wreck we see that this is indeed a badge with the infamous N7 logo upon it, and as the camera pans away, it seems that the character is none other than Liara T’soni who has appeared in all the Mass Effect games to date. But we will get to that later!

Well, the first thing we should start on the wreckage of the ‘thing’ that’s floating in space surrounded in wreckage. At first glance, I thought that this might be a Mass Effect relay. The thing is the amount of wreckage surrounding this thing looks like things have been destroyed around it. But I cant recall a specific Relay that had a battle surrounding that would leave devastation to this point. I mean, this thing is completely destroyed, but the wreckage that there was a HUGE battle surrounding it. Then I got to thinking, is this alternatively the remains of the Citadel that was heavily attacked by the reapers in the 3rd instalment? Suggesting that this story is going to follow the events of Mass Effect 3, in a universe that has been devastated by the Reaper attack?

Then we see a character pick up a piece of metal containing the infamous N7 logo, which all but confirms the above, further enforcing the fact that we will back in the time period we all came to love in the original trilogy! Now, the question is though, why are we seeing this wreckage? This person has come a long way to investigate this. Well, as the camera pans out, we get a slight glimpse at who this character might be.

LIARA T’SONI! The Asari doctor, who supported Commander Shepards, during all of the events of the Mass Effect Trilogy. Is she looking for Commander Shep? Is she trying to establish what happened during the events of 3? Why is Liara here?! Well, the trailer doesn’t give us much more to go on. But its safe to assume that we will be returning to the Milky Way, to continue the original story that we all came to love.

At this point there’s no way of establishing what exactly is going to occur in this title yet, although Bioware has made it INCREDIBLY clear that we no longer will be following the Andromeda arch, but instead will be visiting the events that follow Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3! Tell us what you think this trailer means in the comments section of our social media pages, and be sure to check out the trailer above if you haven’t already.

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