Which Console Shall I Buy in the Next Generation

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Kyle Smith

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Choosing a console this generation has been extremely hard, and this is because both the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S have amazing different offerings that fans want. From Live Pass to Exclusive Titles, it is difficult what exactly you should base your opinion on.

Since the Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5 announcement, developers have started to showcase how "good" their games look on these next generation consoles. As a result, we have been looking into all the announced specs to compare the difference in Xbox Series X and PlayStation, to understand the difference in power and help those in the unknown decide which console to buy. But to save you time, ultimately both consoles are going to produce the same level of specification, and mostly it comes down to how developers optimise for each console.

Below, you will find a table that we have created showing the FPS, Resolution and Ray Tracing capabilities across some third party games that are coming to both consoles, and within seconds you will see that the consoles are all operating at the same level. Now, we have not seen these games physically running, but teraflops aside, both consoles have incredibly close specs, the differences between each platform will be incredibly small, as shown by this table. To actually see the difference between these games, will require comparative analysis to find, which when you’re playing a game, you seriously wont notice.

Basing your decision based on the specification this generation feels to us like the worst way to decide on which console to buy. To that note, if you’re still wondering which console is best for you to buy, then we suggest that you ignore what everyone else is saying about the consoles and consider your own tastes, with the following points for yourself:

• What are the majority of your friends purchasing?
• Which console has exclusives that are more attuned to your taste in games?
• How much are you willing to spend?
(The PS5 and Xbox Series S are both expensive, whereas the Series S delivers a great cheap option to those with less cash available.)
• Do you want a Monthly Subscription Game Serive?
(If you do not have the access to buy new games on release, would you consider paying a monthly subscription for the robust streaming service that Xbox offers? )
• Do you prefer the PlayStation Controller Layout? Or the Xbox Controller Layout?
• Which console do you think looks most aesthetically pleasing?

We suggest keeping your decision making simple. During our time scouting the internet, we have seen that so many people that seem bothered about things such as “which console the majority of gamers choose”. Last generation Xbox performed significantly less than the PlayStation 4, it has been one of the biggest ratio differences in console sales between these giants ever to have been made. Although Xbox still had an extremely robust and significant online community, so this generation regardless of who picks what, both will have large communities. You also might find people talking about a thing called DLSS and saying how the Xbox’s gives it the edge. But again, both consoles have a version of this and although one may be better the differences will be minute. Whilst you actually play your game, as long as this is on, you won’t really see any obvious differences between the different versions of it. For those unfamiliar with DLSS You can see an example of DLSS below in the video:

In the end of the day which console you chose is your decision and don’t feel bad about preferring either of them, as both consoles are going to give you a fantastic experience. But choosing a console can become a rabbit hole in which you start to compare very insignificant differences, that when your playing your game you really won’t notice too much and could lead you to making the wrong decision. So, our advice is to keep your decision simple, try and go with what you think is going to be a better experience for you. Console prices always drop a year or two into their life span and come out with some great deals. So, you can always buy the other console in the future!

Good luck buying gamers! And enjoy watching the great reveals that are being teased and shown to us on a daily basis!

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