Why You Should Be Excited for Narita Boy Coming to Console and PC March 30th

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Kyle Smith

Publish Date:

10 Mar 2021

Narita Boy is a flashback directly into the 80s, a time when colour CRTs are all the rage, and gaming was on its climb to popular culture. The story of Narita takes this overall aesthetic, and throws itself head first into it. The story of this title is set, when ‘The Creator’, creates a video game console called Narita One, and released with it is its flagship title, Narita Boy.

After releasing and being a hit in the charts and across the world, inside the binary code inside the game connects the digital realm directly into reality. The enemies of Narita Boy uses this opportunity to delete The Creator’s memories, Supervisor program and motherboard, rendering them in control. The Stallions are coming, and the Digital Kingdom needs a hero.

  • Pixel perfectionist: The shining example of a perfectionist at work. Experience the visuals of a retro-era brought to life with hand-drawn animations.

  • Explore the mysteries of the Digital Kingdom: Venture up, down, left, and right to discover the darkest depths of the broken binary code in this never-ending story.

  • Max out the Trichroma: Equipped with the only weapon able to defeat the Stallion threat, take the Techno-sword and plunge it into the digital hearts of your enemies. Do not let this empire strike back, be the true blade runner.

  • Diehard enemies: Face foes only imagined from your darkest fever-dreams!

  • Show those bosses the bytes: Face-off against tons of totally radical and awesome bosses. Become the boss terminator, by overcoming the deadly Crab, DragonBot, Black Rainbow, and so much more!

  • Sounds of the retro-grade-times: Feel fresh waves of synth wash over you while travelling the Digital Kingdom. With kickin’ beats that will send you back to the future.

Narita Boy is a game about radical action-adventure, in which a pixelized hero raises within the Digital Kingdom. Just from the story alone, the context of this game is exciting and new. It’s something that hasn’t been done too often before making it an exciting premise to get involved with. It’s use of its graphical pallet is amazing, making it look like a next gen Indie game, and dailing up the ante of 2D visual. We here at 3Bit cannot wait for this game to grace our consoles on the 30th March! So be sure to check out you respective gaming stores then and get your hands on this epic title.

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