Why You Should Play Digital Soul Data Today & How To Get It For Free!

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Kyle Blooicide

Publish Date:

12 Apr 2021

Digital Soul Data is a game made by 4 amazing indie devs, all coming together with their own experiences in games development. The game is best compared to great classic bottom-up, arcade shooters, such as Gradius, R-Type and Ikaruga. Digital Soul Data, takes the core mechanics from these games and promises to add a more complex level of writing and an entirely original take, making it stand up as a more modern game, with classic visuals. You want to know the best bit… IT'S FREE!

The Cyberspace:

Digital Soul Data is set in a cyber world, in which technology has progressed to a point where the enslavement of a person soul is possible in digital space. Protagonist and hacker, Mia has managed to enter this cyberspace, in a bid to save and recover her sister’s Digital Soul. With her trusty hacking skills Mia will be required to gather power-ups to blast her way past the multiple tough security programs that block her way.

The Features:

  • Power-Up! 4 unique power-ups which are required to change the approach a player takes on taking down different enemies.

  • Conquer Security Programs: Bullet Hell your way through 8 different enemy security programs inspired by Greek mythology.

  • Bullet Hell & Chaos: Full the screen with a chaotic barrage of bullets as you wade your way through each level.

  • Classic Visual with Modern Concepts: Feel right at home with a game that feels like an old game, presented with the tropes of modern games.

  • Local and Global scoreboards: Become the best as you compare yourself to the world or friends.

Get the Game Free:

It is always nice to see games that follow old arcade concepts, taking that re-playability factor and giving players another reason to run through the game. Digital Soul Data is available for FREE right now, and you can find a link to the game here. We are interested to know what you think about the game, so be sure to jump into our Discord Channel and let us know what you think, or even comment on our social media channels linked below.

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