Yami The Dream Is An Indie Game We Stumbled Upon That Looks Incredible

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Kyle Smith

Publish Date:

17 Dec 2020

When looking for gaming information, sometimes you can stumble across wonderful new games that developers have been working on behind the shadows, which is exactly what happened to me today. Today, I came across a game in early production called Yami: The Dream and the more I looked into this title the more excited I became.

Yami: The Dream is a game where you play as an Elvish Monk, with his destiny written in the stars. This destiny sends him into the realm of the spirits, with a quest to save his friend and his world. Little more is given about the story, although through its beautiful visual and sound design alone, you can assume that the journey you are on will have high stakes, intense moments and trials that will test its players.

Yami features tight platforming, which is smooth and seamless. Looking at the little footage that the developers have already shown, it's seemingly already out performing some of the AAA titles that struggle with getting this to look as good as the welsh team at Goldborough Studio has. Jumps look big, but contain a believable level of gravity. Movements look realistic and tiresome and the overall animation has our entire team incredibly impressed. We find that the style of movement and flow brings us memories from titles such as Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, which draw on emphasis on 'movement to tell a story'.

From what we have seen already, the game features incredibly detailed textures and if this is just the early stages of this indie game, then I'd love to see what we get upon launch. Yami: The Dream opts to use a black and white palette to help draw the importance of light. The developers have used this stylisation to make dark areas feel cold and claustrophobic, whilst using light to draw players toward comfort and warmth, ultimately leading them in the right direction. From what we have seen, we can imagine this when this title releases it's going to do incredibly well! We really hope that we see Yami: The Light lift Goldborough Studio into becoming another AAA games developer based in the UK. To add to their amazing portfolio the development team has worked on 11 games, 4 feature films and 2 animations, giving them a fantastic amount of experience.

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