You better hold on Heavenly Bodies Is Coming Soon

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Publish Date:

25 Aug 2021

So despite what my fellow 3Bit team member Timster will say, I was not alive during the 1970s when everyone's eyes were on the skies, and we made huge space advancements. However, when I started to learn about it, I was obsessed. I love space, I love space games, and holy heck checking out the trailer for Heavenly Bodies by Two Point Interactive (2ptI)  gave me both the feelings of an empty stomach lurch and excitement all in one. While initially, I thought this game would be more akin to Hand Simulator, there's clearly a lot more on offer.

2ptI bring us Heavenly Bodies, a physics-based space simulator where you, a 1970 cosmonaut, complete numerous scenario-based missions by flinging yourself around in the majesty that is space. The game's 2D, almost comic book look instantly shows charm from the character models to the stations you'll be inhabiting. While some may be slightly science-fiction based in idea, it does fit well in what we've seen. The fact you're weightless really amps up the pressure of ensuring your own safety and holding onto anything that'll stop you drifting in space. I really think this idea, combined with the controls, will make you gasp and probably swear a lot.

Maybe being on your own in space isn't your idea of fun, perhaps holding onto a satellite while trying to remember which button does what will make you too tense to remember your name, maybe you're a little sadistic and want to share the pain with others. Well, if any of these apply to you, then I have good news, this game is co-op, and the real icing on the cake is that it will be couch co-op and will also be playable through steams remote play! Unfortunately, we do not have a final release, but 2ptI have given us a release window of 2021 for PC (controller required) and PlayStation consoles.

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