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Rumour: Resident Evil Resistance Going F2P

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Kyle Smith

It seems that the multiplayer element of Resident Evil 3 will be going Free to Play as celebration for the 25th anniversary of Resident Evil. This can be found in an initial plan set by a leaked schedule by Capcom here: https://imgur.com/a/N3joZd2. So far most of this schedule has been followed, so it wouldnt be a far cry to think this is real, however take it with a pinch of salt as this is a very old plan and things adjust in business constantly. 

Resident Evil Resistance was a good game, which suffered in building a community, most likely due to the fact that game was hidden behind needing to purchase the remake of Resident Evil 3. In Resident Evil Resistance you team up with 3 other friends, whilst another player spawns in zombies, monsters and everything in between to destroy the party. I hope that this rumour is true, as I think this could kick off a big community. Infact I think this game would do ALOT better than the recently announce RE:VERSE multiplayer game of the series which frankly looks outright BAD. 

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