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Jordan Smith

A new list of leaked games has made its way onto reddit by use swine_Flu_greg. This list contains a list of upcoming games by 2K. swine_Flu_greg states that this is second hand information to him, but journalist and author Jason Schreier has verified the legitimacy of these leaks.

4 games have made it onto this list, with the first being the most obvious NBA 2K22, with Dirk Nowitzki as this year’s cover athlete. There was no conformation on a legend edition like last year, which featured Kobe Bryant who had unfortunately passed early last year.

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Our next game is codenamed daffodil and according to our leaker will be a Borderlands Spin off with a name centring on Wonderland and will heavily feature Tiny Tina. Personally I am hoping this is a take on the Borderlands 2 side mission where we played Dungeons and Dragons with Tiny Tina, as it could truly showcase her madness. This new game will supposedly feature multiclass heroes much like the original trilogy, and we could be seeing this at E3.

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Thirdly we have another new action title currently Codenamed Volt. This game is allegedly in early development and has not been given a name yet, but what we do know is that the game will supposedly be a combination of Cthulhu and saints row. The leaker als0o believes Mafia developers Hanger 13 are working on this “open-world sci-fi with super natural elements”.

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Saving the best for last we have an all new game coming from Firaxis, developers to one of my personal favourite franchises, XCom. Firaxis are allegedly working on an all new title that will heavily feature Marvel properties and has been described as marvel meets XCom. There are also reports that many famous actors will be joining the team for voice acting.

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This rumour is creddited to Reddit user swine_Flu_greg. 

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