10 Amazing Highlights from Wholesome Direct

Yesterday (May 26th) we saw the first ever Wholesome Direct. A showcase dedicated to everything cute, social and … well, wholesome! The showcase offered up 50 titles from several indie developers, and publishers alike and there were some very unique games exploring unusual themes and , along with ones that followed familiar styles and stories that we have all grown to love with time. So without further ado here is our top 10 highlights from Wholesome Direct.



Glass Bottom games answers the age-old question of - what would happen if you gave a bird a tech deck? You get SkateBird! With gameplay that looks to be inspired by popular skater titles such as Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and Skate. SkateBird is where you, a bird roll and flap around miniature homemade skateparks. Perform tricks, collect corn, find the letters, and use them wings to your advantage in SkateBird which releases next year and is available to add to your Wishlist now on steam!


Toko Toko

Augmented Reality! Its something that is improving with many games like Pokémon Go and Jurassic World Alive. But Toko Toko brough a bit of interest to our creative side. Toko Toko brings to life your apprentice artist Hako as you help him find the Tokotokos using your own drawings, on paper to solve puzzles and bring everybody together for our protagonist Hako, so that they can all attend her graduation ceremony. Toko Toko is currently on the Apple Appstore and will be available soon on the google Play Store!


Spirit and the Mouse

Spirit and the mouse follows the adventure of Layla, a mouse who has a fateful encounter during a dark night. The encounter brings forwards Layla’s resolve to help the people of her village. Spirit and the Mouse looks like it will be a lot of fun as you explore the village climbing obstacles scaling buildings and bringing happiness back to her troubled village. Spirit and the mouse releases next year, with no news on where we will find it … Yet!



Life simulators are seeing a major boom at the moment and if you love this genre of games along with an array of cute characters then this title is for you. Created by Glumberland and published by the developers too. Ooblets shares elements similar to that of StarDew Valley and Pokemon, where our protagonists will run a farm, grow and train their Ooblets, and even explore the lands. Oh and did I mention you can have dance offs! Ooblets is coming soon, with early access available even sooner on the Epic Store!


Little Witch in the Woods

South Korean Indie Developers Sunnyside Up bring us their second title- Little Witch in the Woods. Follow the adventures of Ellie our little witch … well apprentice witch, who wants nothing more than to help everybody as she explores the world around her, learning new spells and making new interesting friends along the way. There is no release date yet for Little Witch in the woods but I am sure we will hear one soon from the South Korean developers.


Book of Travels

Nothing says wholesome like a fairy tale world. In Book of Travels that is exactly what we get. This tiny multiplayer RPG allows you to set your own goals as you explore and meet new people in this social and nonlinear RPG. You can play Book of travels alone or together with new people as you explore its immersive and serene environments. Book of Travels is set to release on October and will be available on Steam!


Mondo Museum

Do you love history and visiting Museums? Well how about running one? In Mondo Museum you can now do such a thing. Like other themed simulators Mondo Museum will allow you to design and create your own museum for countless visitors, as you fill it with visitors and exhibits. Mondo Museum offers a whole range of exciting features to exhibit from arts and culture to Science and history. Will you combine them all or make a museum dedicated to one subject? Mondo Museum will open to visitors later this year!



Exploring a darker theme Spiritfarer puts you into the life of Stella, a ferry master between the realm of the living and the dead. Your job is to build your vessel, whilst farming, mining, and crafting in a relaxing environment. All of this is done as you transport your passengers to the other side, where you can learn more concerning their life in the living, before eventually learning to say goodbye in a timely fashion. Spiritfarer explores the themes of friendship and death, as you the player learn the same along the way. Spiritfarer will release on all platforms this year, and is available to Wishlist on steam.



Platformer titles are becoming fewer and fewer as time goes on as more developers focus on RPG and first-person Titles. Hoa brings a breath of fresh air to the gaming world, as its beautiful hand painted levels bring a certain Je ne sais quoi to the gaming world with their Ghibli style designs. Though very little has been shared about Hoa other than it being aout a girl and her journey home, Hoa has been quoted to be inspired by other legendary side scrollers and platformers like Rayman and Limbo. Hoa will be released later this year!


Errand Boy

Our final highlight to the Wholesome Direct showcase is Errand Boy. Follow the adventure of a little monster as he runs around town finding meaning through responsibility. Our heros name is Watt and though he is a small monster he has nothing to give but love and happiness. Watt is a young orphan who wants nothing more than to make friends and make people happy, but there is a catastrophe set to bring disorder and chaos to his town. Can Watt step up to be the hero they all need. This wonderful title seems to draw inspiration from Animal Crossing and the Legend of Zelda, exploring themes of friendship adventure and responsibility. Errand Boy is the first chapter of a 5 part series and will release on PC and Nintendo Switch in the summer next year!

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