10 Biggest Fails during the Next Gen Game and Console Announcements

Since the announcement of the new consoles, even more news on the new releases and further announcements have been popping up all over the place. We have seen breakdowns of consoles, features, new games, controllers, old games running on new tech and new graphics cards! But not all these announcements have gone smoothly in fact some have out right epically failed. In this list we breakdown our views on the biggest fails so far out of all the announcements. So, sit back, take off any negative fan boy hats, and enjoy our breakdown!


Grand Theft Auto 5 Re-Re-Releases… again!

Imagine being a huge fan of the Grand Theft Auto series. You’ve seen 100’s of articles and ‘unofficial’ teases of the great next instalment of the Grand Theft Auto Series. The game came out on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and after re-releasing on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, you have been waiting for just a snippet of what’s to come next, you’ve been waiting 7 years for it. Now, imagine you are watching the PlayStation 5 showcase. A showcase of what the next generation can really do, all the biggest games and titles coming together on latest hardware. The show opens, a Rockstar’s logo appears before you, and BOOM! ANOTHER re-release of Grand Theft Auto 5 is coming to your next generation consoles.

It’s fair that we once again can play Grand Theft Auto 5 on the next generation, but I think it’s safe to say, people just want a glimpse or a snippet of what’s to come next. From the job postings and the “leaks” of GTA 6 between, it could not have hurt for at least the logo of the next game to be shown. Give fans a tease of what is next! And… ‘Whoosah’… I am calm. Thanks for nothing, Rockstar.


GodFall is not an Online Service Game, but requires internet to play

GodFall the game where you play as god like beings, mowing down any foe who stands in your way! Grab loot, level up, improve your armour and weapons! NOTHING CAN STOP YOU! … Unless you lose internet connection. Now this sounds like a silly point to raise but go with me here. GodFall recently got highlighted by PlayStation store listings as needing an internet connection to play, which led fans to believe the game was an ‘Online Service Game’ and ultimately resulting in fans turning away their attention to the game. Developers Counterplay jumped to social media, to manage the outrage by confirming that the game was not an Online Service Game. Here is what was said:

“Godfall is not a service game but does require an internet connection to play.”

It’s safe to say, this didn’t fix anything and in fact sparked further outrage in the gaming community. This is due to a large range of reason! People raised points such as: “If I want to play Single Player, I shouldn’t need an internet connection” and “Why should I need to pay for an online subscription to play a game in a single player mode?!”. I honestly have to agree with the fanbase on this one, it certainly seems like a strange move. But maybe/hopefully due to the recent sparked outrage, this issue will be addressed shortly after the launch of the game in November. A simple(ish) fix I see being done is by PlayStation not committing people to need a subscription to play this game on the single player mode, but only time will tell.


PlayStation 5 Delay in India due to PS5 Trademark

This one genuinely made me laugh, A LOT when I came across this issue. In India, PlayStation has been rumours as delaying their PS5 release due to an issue with gaining the ‘PS5’ trademark. A gentleman named Hiteshi Anwani applied for the trademark in October 2019 in Dehli. When Sony was challenged by press on this, they commented saying “Thanks for bringing this to our attention, however we have no comments at this stage”. Since then every professional under the sun has seemingly commented on this, with some legal advisors stating it is something that can be sorted quickly and retorted counter arguments that Sony will not be able to us the term PS5, without a pay-out which takes time. Beyond all of these comments, I thin it’s just great how one person’s actions, even if this wasn’t the reason for the delay, can create such a ripple in the community.

To chime in with a bit of experience and common sense here, I do think this could be a factor of the delay, although not a huge one. PS5 is a natural extension of their brand and that is hugely apparent, with their current rights to PS through to PS4. Although, Mr Anwani cannot be left ‘high and dry’. He will most likely have to rebrand his business or IP and will most likely be compensated to do so. Right now, I imagine Mr Anwani is planning his retreat to the Bahamas, sipping on a nice cold beverage, whilst closing a deal on a 6 bedroom, penthouse apartment.


Not all PlayStation 4 Saves are compatible on PlayStation 5

This one is a simple one to explain but is equally as crazy in its parts. PlayStations rival the Xbox Series X | S has devoted a huge part of its marketing to enabling the console to be seamlessly transitioned to from previous gen. It will be entirely backwards compatible, from games, controllers all the way to save games. Meaning player will not lose any progress in their valued games and can play them all enhanced with the exact set up that they choose. PlayStation on the other hand has not really pushed too hard on this backwards compatibility strategy, although they have made some conscious efforts to transition easily, in that you can play PlayStation 4 games on the PlayStation 5. Though, it had been brought to fans attention that potentially not all save files will be compatible with the PlayStation 5, meaning, that all that hard earned progress on games will not carry over.

Although this doesn’t seem like a big thing, it leaves us to question if they have even considered making the transition from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5 as easy as possible. Although Sony has not officially addressed this statement directly, we might find that this could be in fact incorrect. But I wouldn’t get your hopes up.


Xbox Contradicts its own Marketing of Teraflops with the Series S

During your weary travels on social media in the gaming community you might have come across some comments like the following: “TERAFLOPS ARE THE SOURCE OF ALL GREATNESS! HAIL TO MY MIGHTY POWER!” or “HA, PlayStation has a meagre 10.3 teraflops, whilst my superior Xbox Series X has 12 teraflops.” These comments primarily originate from Microsoft’s marketing strategy for the Xbox One X, in which they opted to use teraflops to measure its performance against other consoles, pitching it as the most powerful console of last gen with 6 teraflops of raw power. Microsoft seemingly carried this message over to the Series X as well, again using a similar marketing strategy by stating it has 12 teraflops of power.

Now, to be clear, I completely understand and respect this strategy. It was an attempt to make it easier for consumers unfamiliar with hardware specifications to have an understanding/measurement of console power. Although, you can imagine my surprise when we got to see Microsoft budget alternative to the next generation, the Xbox Series S. It offers next generation gaming, with the only differences being that this console will use a 1440p resolution and will be entirely digital. This console comes in at a whopping… 4 Teraflops of power! … Wait what? But the Xbox One X offers 6 teraflops?!

Now that’s because teraflops are not a ‘perfect’ measurement of power, because there is so much more to hardware than simply putting in as much power as possible. Microsoft have done some neat tricks under the bonnet, to make the Series S compatible for the next gen. Although, brand consistency is incredibly important, and Microsoft, you really dropped the ball here.


PlayStation Pre-orders Launch a Day Early and does not warn fans!

Just consider, you check your email. Console Retailers and Sony send you spam advertising every day, and one day you find that special email. It’s the holy grail of emails – “REGISTER YOUR INTEREST FOR THE PS5 HERE”. You open the email, its not spam and it gives you one simple instruction. “If you register your interest, we will email you when console pre-orders plan to go live so you can nab yourself a day 1 pre-order”. What do you do? You pop your email into that little white email box and register your interest. Then imagine, you wake up 3 weeks later to find that the pre-orders went live in the night and all the ‘day one’ PS5 pre-orders have run out. Now, on scale of ‘Angry (1)’ to ‘I AM P***ED (10)’ would you be? Well for those who have been living under a rock, this ACTUALLY happened.

In September PlayStation held its price reveal event where it showcased a bunch of games and how much the console would be. Once this event finished revealing the price and peripherals, PlayStation tweeted to fans stating that pre-orders would be going live the next day, with selected retailers. But for some reason or another, a lot of retailers went live straight after the event. With no warning either, not a single retailer that ‘registered interest’ mailing-lists emailed to warn fans that the console was going to available. As you can imagine it became a mess, fans took to social media to show their grievances and were left scrambling to find consoles in the extremely limited pre-order stock that is out there. Some people STILL have not got their pre-order today, that’s how messy it has been. I guess on a slightly good note, at least this minimised the skimmers initially… I guess?


Xbox Damages Credit Scores due to Limited Consoles in UK

In the UK, Klarna (a Swedish Banking Company) runs the Xbox All Access Subscription service, which offers 48 months of payments for a console packed with access to a large range Xbox subscription services. It’s a pretty sweet deal and naturally, this service is now being offered on the Xbox Series X and S. Now due to the limited stock of Xbox Series X’s, you can imagine that this service would be thought out, so that if stock has run out, a person cannot be subject to any financial impact… Right? Wrong. This is exactly what happened.

Via either Smyths Toys Store or Xbox’s own UK pages, customers could get all the way to getting a hard credit check, being accepted/declined for the credit agreement to then being told that there stock was not available. In some more extreme cases customers found Klarna had already set up Direct Debits for a console that they were not going to be receiving. As far as I know now, I imagine banks have sorted this issue out, but the worst of this impact is in the fact, that applying for credit here in the UK too often actually can stop you getting credit in the near-future. So, in some cases, if customers had been accepted now, but had to cancel due to no stock, the next time they apply once stock has returned, they might be declined! Ouch!


Xbox One X Sales increase by 747% when Series X Pre-orders launch

This title speaks for itself. As Microsoft launched their Xbox Series X pre-orders, they got swept up extremely quickly and ran out of stock. Interestingly, on Amazon alone, the percentage of Xbox One X sales raised that day by 747%. The console did not go onto sale and retailed for its normal asking price at about £369.99. What’s apparent here is that a lot of people might have accidently purchased the wrong console, hoping to get an Xbox Series X pre-order. That’s a number of returns/refunds that I can’t fathom to think about right now!

To be honest this comes from one of Microsoft’s biggest WEAKNESSES which is in its product naming conventions. Talking frankly right now, gamers are always going to buy their console of choice, they know exactly what they’re looking for, so you don’t need to worry about things like names, as they will stay up to date with the console regardless. So, when you market a new console you want to attract the larger pot of consumers who are those are not currently “gamers” and to do this you need to do what is known in industry as KISS, “Keep it Simple, Stupid”. You need to make it plainly simple for a potential new customer to buy your product without confusion, its business 101. So, I fail to understand why Microsoft has opted to use such a confusing naming convention, which just muddies the waters entirely. For example, look at some of the most successful tech to date in comparison Samsung Phones, iPhones, Intel Processors etc – the higher the number, the newer it is.


Craig the Brute Delays Halo Infinite, the Xbox Series X | S Flagship Game

This was and has been one of my biggest highlights of the next generation announcements. For those unaware of ‘Craig the Brute’, Xbox showcased their flagship game for the new generation consoles Halo: Infinite. The game opened with beautiful visuals in a cutscene, then seamlessly transition to gameplay… until enemies showed up that is. Most famously our good friend ‘Craig the Brute’ pictured here.
The fail comes from the fact that, although these graphics don’t look bad, they don’t quite feel like a ‘Next Gen’ experience either, the experience that Microsoft have been excitedly boasting about for the last few months. The textures looked relatively flat and the lighting was not all that impressive, resulting in Craig quickly became a meme, which was mostly used to mock “Xbox fans” by the closed minded who participate in immature console wars.

The community caused so much uproar about the presentation of the game that Microsoft were rightfully forced to pull back the release date to tweak the games overall quality further. Developers 343 have stated that the delay was the best thing for the game, in which is now making some great strides in its active improvements. Although, I will be greatly sad if they don’t take the opportunity to laugh about this and feature Craig as an easter egg in the game.


Control Ultimate Edition Next Gen Upgrade Blunder

Our friends at Remedy Entertainment take the top spot for this list, as the move that they have pulled is considered, to me, as one of the biggest fails and despicable moves I’ve ever seen in my time gaming. If you purchase the Ultimate Edition of Remedy’s latest game Control, then you will get a free update to the next generation version of the game. Great news right? So, what’s included in the Ultimate Edition. Well, you will be able to pick up the core game and its two expansions for the packaged price of £34.99. So, those un-aware of the situation here are thinking, “well what’s the problem here?”.

Back when the game released without the additional content, loyal fans would have picked up the game at its launch price of £59.99. Those even more loyal fans would have then went on to purchase the season pass at £19.99. Up to the point where the The cheapest the game came down too, was £15.99, meaning the minimum you would have paid for the game and season pass prior release would have been £35.98, the same price as the Ultimate Edition. This means that Remedy instead of rewarding its loyal fans, has completely shunned them, using them as a means to gain more money. The move is despicable considering other great developers are offering a FREE updates to the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S versions without the need to re-purchase anything: point and case - CD Projekt Reds, The Witcher 3.

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