10 Features that would make Sony’s PS5 Announcement a Success

With the PlayStation 5 Event looming everyone is wondering, which console of the next generation will be the better console. Xbox Series X has already played their hand and have shwon the world their next console the Xbox Series X. Sony since then has been silent, which has made fans wonder is this silence a genuine anxiety from Sony or is it a confident wait, where Sony is waiting till the last minute to drop a reveal that will blow our minds?

Regardless of that we have listed below the top features we think the PS5 needs to make its reveal and launch a success.



On the PlayStation 4 it always felt like I was fighting for my USB ports. I’d have the dongle for my PlayStation headset, my DualShock Dock Charger and then id want to attach my Hard drive to the console to collect screenshot. Everything required a connection via the USB. I foresee this this being an even bigger thing for the next generation. We need more space to plug in our peripherals OR better optimisation of the wireless connections, I mean with the PlayStation 4 already having Bluetooth, why should I need a USB adaptor to make it work?


Good Battery Life on the Controller

The DualShock 4’s where a nightmare for the level of their charge. I was constantly swapping out my controller for another or having to buy long 3-meter cables to charge my controller while I played. The DualShock 4’s boasted 9 hours of performance, but as my controllers got older id be lucky if I got 3 hours out of them. The PlayStation 5 really needs to address this, as even Third-Party controllers where able to beat the battery performances of the DualShock 4s


A Good Wifi Card

This one is a massive personal gripe for me. My internet router offers two different connections 2.4ghz and 5ghz. Obviously the 5ghz connection is a lot more stable than the 2.4ghz. But it feels strange to me that all my appliances such as my phone, TV, Xbox One, wireless meters etc could connect to the 5ghz network, yet my PlayStation 4 Pro could not. This really did limit my PlayStation online performance if I didn’t “hard connect” it to the Router.


Improve PlayStation Now (A lot)

This one is fuelled by a simple “look over the fence” at Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass. Oh man, does Sony have some work here. They need to start getting their exclusives on this service, PS Now needs the ability to download ANY title and not force streaming, they need to remove timed content and have games up there for longer than 3 months, they need to increase the library and so on! PlayStation Now has become progressively better, but only through the addition of games alone. As it stands now, it’s a pretty poor service when compared to rival services and in the amount that you pay for it. I’d say this is where Sony has mostly fallen behind this generation and I do believe that this will one day be THE way to play games.


Pricing Friendly Storage improvement

This is an area that Sony absolutely nailed for this generation, storage expansion. Being able to swap your hard drive with a standard off the market one is incredible. This makes buying new storage for the PlayStation 4 so much cheaper than having to buy branded specialised storage expansion. Xbox Series X has already announced that it is going down the route of specialised storage, this is an open opportunity for PlayStation to once again, get a “1-UP” on the Xbox Series X.


M.2 Storage Compatibility

In terms of storage, the future seems to be heading towards M.2. This is due to its incredible speed performance without the need for any unique special “chips” to support it. If Sony can manage to utilise the same Chips that they have already announce to help increase SSD performances, to help M.2 performances, then in terms of sheer speed, the PlayStation 5 will be an absolute powerhouse and a great unit for developers to developer their games on.


Announce any of the following Games

• Silent Hill Reboot
• Metal Gear Solid Remake
• Spiderman 2
• God of War 2
• An Awesome looking new IP
I mean these games are all flagship games that have won award after award. They have a loyal fanbase attached to them and if these where announced, they would be sure to latch back a few numbers of the fan base which have been frustrated by Sony’s constant delays, silence and terrible consumer management since Xbox Series X’s announcement.


A Good Looking Cooling Effective Design

The problem with the new generation is that we are entering the territory of PC level quality. PC will always be ahead of consoles in terms of performance, but with the consoles now coming into much more powerful hardware than previously used, they are really going to need to think about heat. The PlayStation Pro really suffered in its performance due to the amount of heat it generated, and lack of cooling to dissipate that heat.

The Xbox Series X design may look like a chimney, but there is a reason for that, and that reason is heat dissipation. If Sony releases a flat bed console with poor ventilation or no cooling support, then we could be facing another console that kills its self with heat… I’m looking at you Xbox 360. But equally, most consoles sit in a living room in some form of a display cabinet. Xbox Series X chimney design will be hard pressed to suit the aesthetics of your standard UK living room. If Sony can balance between these two factors, then they could be onto a winner in looks.


Lower End Retail Price as close to £300 as possible

Let’s be honest, the Xbox Series X is not going to be cheap. I believe Microsoft will do all it can to bring down its price (and that includes taking a loss) but they cant afford too much of a loss per unit as it makes the console become financially unviable. Price is one of the biggest deciding factors in successful sales, and I don’t just mean low cost either.

If a products price is too low, it then comes across as cheap and tacky, whereas if it’s too high, then you cut out a large sum of potential buyers due to affordability issues. Sony have the opportunity to take the middle ground here and launch the console at a fair price that under-cuts the Xbox by around £150 - £200 for example if Xbox releases at £500, then PlayStation releases at £300. Although if Xbox release at £300…PlayStation 5 better have the rest of these features to even begin standing a chance of winning the next gen in sales.


Full Backwards Compatibility to PS1 Games

Everywhere you look this is one feature fans are begging for. We did a post on our Twitter page and a whopping 75% people said that the key feature they want on PS5 is full backwards compatibility support. Xbox has a massive head start on this as they have been slowly bringing compatibility to old Xbox 360 and Xbox Original games to the Xbox One. The last update we had regarding backwards compatibility from Sony was when Jim Ryan told Time Magazine back in 2017:

“When we have dabbled with backwards compatibility, I can say it is one of those features that is much requested, but not actually used much. That, and I was at a Gran Turismo event recently where they had PS1, PS2, PS3, and PS4 games, and the PS1 and the PS2 games, they looked ancient, like why would anybody play this?”

Let us hope that since then Sony has decided to start listening to fans and will introduce this. One fear we have here at 3-Bit is we get a sneaky feeling PlayStation 5 will introduce backwards compatibility via PlayStation Now. Add the games on their Sony sure, but we want to be able to own our old games online and we also want to be able to put in the old PS1 disks that we own and be able to play our old games!

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