3Bit Indie Highlights 2020 Part 1

This year we have seen an incredible array of announcements from across the gaming world. Over the last 12 months, we have seen outstanding releases, surprising announcements and a few naughty leaks, with a lot of this excitement taking place in the last six months. With all of this excitement, we also saw a lot of Indie showcases which brought us hundreds of upcoming games that have now since released or are coming to consoles and PCs. A lot of these games were incredibly breath-taking when we first saw them featured, so we thought we would update you on where our ten favourite indie titles showcased this summer are now, in our first “3Bit Indie Highlights 2020”.


Gone Viral

Skullbot Games’ Gone Viral was a title we fell in love with instantly at The Escapists Indie Showcase this June. The games crazy pinball combat, in a post-apocalyptic arena, filled with deadly mutants, lethal warbots and insanely tough bosses. Along with the incredible gameplay Gone Viral also offered Twitch enhancements, where viewers could vote on in-game events, such as giving the player health or filling the arena with beachballs. Since our first report on Gone Viral, the game has entered Early Access and has been available on Steam and GOG since September. Since then it has had tonnes of updates which not only improve to the gameplay but also add to it, with new contestants, cosmetics and an all-new boss, with much more on the way during its Early Access life cycle.


The Falconeer

The most recent game on this highlight list is the Falconeer by Developer Tomas Sala and Published by Wired Productions. This incredible and exciting experience of sky-high exploration and ariel combat. The Falconeer puts the player in command of their own giant falcon as they explore The Great Ursee with their allies battling airships, flying beetles, dragons and even a giant crab. It is hard to picture The Falconeer as a game made by one man, as the gameplay is so smooth and feels like a AAA title worthy of the all-new Xbox Series X, to which The Falconeer is a launch title for!



Maquette is an upcoming title for Playstation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. We first saw this surreal title during one of the many PlayStation showcases this summer. Maquette puts you into the centre of a recursive world that grows around you. You start the game like a giant in a village, but as you move outward from the centre, the village grows and eventually even cracks in the pavement become perilous caverns. Maquette is due to release in 2021, and we at 3Bit cannot wait to hear more from Developers Graceful Decay,



Raji: An Ancient Epic is an all-new adventure game that centres around Raji, a young girl who’s brother has been kidnapped by an ancient Evil. Set in India Raji adventures across a variety of beautiful levels as she is guided to her brother by Hindu gods like Vishnu and Shiva. Raji will need to battle dreaded demon in Prince of Persia-esque combat, solve a great variety of puzzles and confront the evil that has taken her brother. Raji: An Ancient Epic released earlier this year on October 15th for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.


Helheim Hassle

Helheim Hassle is another incredible title from Perfectly Paranormal, the creators of Manual Samuel. Helheim hassle explores the world of Vikings, as we play as Bjorn, a not so brave warrior who was “mistakenly” sent to Valhalla. When brought into Modern times thanks to a shred of life, Bjorn makes a deal with Death to take a perilous journey to Helheim, solving some insanely unique puzzles that are sure to make heads roll. You can play Helheim Hassle now on PC, PlayStation 4 Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.


A Juggler's Tale

A Juggler's Tale is something of a different take to side-scrolling adventure games. This new tale from kaleidoscube will see players take on the role of Abby a String puppet, who is out to secure her own destiny. Like in most side scrollers she will need to evade traps, solve riddles evade pursuers, but unlike other side scrollers, Abby will be restricted by her strings. Will she be able to use these strings to her advantage? We will find out next year when a Jugglers tale launches for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.



From The Game Bakers comes an all-new Co-Op experience with their upcoming title Haven. Due to release on December 3rd.Haven will set out to answer the question, does love conquer all? Yu and Kay leave their past life behind them and set off to a new planet. Glide through the beautiful world, cook meals, craft and collect materials, all whilst facing off against the dangers of this new world. Combat plays out with rhythmic moves and synchronised actions. Haven launches on PC, Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 on December 3rd, with PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions coming soon after.



From Phobia game Studio, we got to experience Carrion, a horror game that tales its tale from the other side of the coin, YOU are the monster. Escape your prison in a secret laboratory and make your daring escape as a hideous tentacle monster hell-bent on freedom and revenge. Stalk your captors and the dreaded Relith security force and make them live out their worst nightmares as you become the monster you were made to be. Carrion is out now on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


RPG Time: The Legend of Write

Japanese Indie Developer DeskWorks brings us RPG Time: The Legend of Write. This epic tale is one that rings true to childhood as we live our adventure on pen and paper in the enchanting world of a schoolboys notebook. The adventure will unfold page by page as our players attempt to “complete” this notebook adventure before the end of school. Not much is known around the release of this title yet, but we here at 3Bit cannot wait to see more from this title in the near future.



Our final entry for this entry of Indie Highlights is Phasmophobia, an all-new horror experience from Kinect Games. Phasmophobia puts you and your friends into the shoes of paranormal investigators as you hunt a variety of supernatural abilities. The all-new horror game blew up instantly on Twitch, thanks to its unique gameplay and unexpected jump scares. Phasmophobia also offered VR support for an even more horrifying experience. Phasmophobia is currently only available on PC, and we will see new content, including three new maps.

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