3Bit Indie Highlights 2020 Part 2

As we draw ever closer to the end of this dreadful year it is important we find a reason to celebrate, be it coming together with family over the holiday season, with the upcoming awards seasons for entertainment or even by just getting to see our friends. We at 3Bit have chosen to take a different celebrate 2020 a little bit differently. Indie games have been booming this year, and we have decided to celebrate these incredible games that have saved us from boredom, connected us with new people and given us new ways to enjoy video games over the course of 2 lockdowns, during a global pandemic. In part 2 of our Indie Highlights, we will explore more upcoming, recently released and the best of Indie games that have seen us through 2020.


Among Us

Our First game for this part of the highlights was actually released in 2018, Among Us by Inner Sloth saw a massive surge in players during the summer of 2020. Among Us is a murder mystery style game where players will need to figure out an Imposter who is hiding in their space ship or outpost, whilst carrying out a series of tasks to win the game. On the flip side, the Imposter, who looks just like everybody else, will need to hunt down the other players discreetly preventing them from completing their tasks. Failure is not an option, so use your wit and convince your “crewmates” that other people are the imposters so that they are eliminated in place of you. Among Us is available on PC and Mobile Devices.


Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout

Our next entrant is one a bit closer to home, Media Tonic, a Uk Indie Dev has brought us one of 2020s most popular games, Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout. This Hilarious gameshow-esque game brought back fond memories of TV shows like Takeshi's Castle, where your character, known as a "Bean" will race, jump and compete in many different games to be crowned the winner in the final round. The popularity of this game was increased by its limited free to play status on PlayStation 4 back when it released in August this year, incredible colaborations with other video games and its incredible Twitter support which elevated its popularity through unique communication and most importantly memes. Fall Guys is currently available on PC and PlayStation 4. There are planned releases for other consoles. However, The success on these two platforms has put a lot on Mediatonics plate, and the team wishes to perfect the game on these until bringing it to other consoles.


My Name is Mayo 2

Possibly our most recent release on this list is My Name is Mayo 2 from Green Lava Studios. This title is a sequel to what is commonly known as PlayStations easiest platinum. The objective of My Name is Mayo 2 is incredibly simple, tap the mayo jar until it opens. With the first instalment, all you needed to do was tap the jar with the X button Ten Thousand times, whilst changing the appearance of your mayo jar to progress the story. In My Name is Mayo 2 the story evolves, adding in some hilarious mini-games and much crazier outfits for your mayo jar. However, reader beware, whilst this game may seem like fun for all the family to play and watch on the surface it is definitely not child friendly and explores some adult content. My Name is Mayo 2 is currently available on PC and PlayStation 4, so get clicking and open that jar!



Entry Number 4 in this weeks indie highlights is Spinch. This incredible indie platformer comes from Queen Bee Games. Spinch is an incredibly bright and colourful game designed by award-winning artist Jesse Jacobs. Spinch is a family-friendly creature that lives on astral island with its babies, but we join Spinch when disaster strikes. Colourful creatures have come to devour the delicious Spinch babies, and our hero will have to stop them by traversing dangerous levels, avoiding deadly enemies and lethal traps, until it reaches the boss stage, where the Spinch will need to fight the colourful creature, using its babies as ammo in some quirky weapons to defeat it. Spinch's colourful and Psychedelic art style is paired with an incredible 8-bit soundtrack composed by Thesis Sahib. Spinch is currently available on PC and Nintendo Switch.



With a viral song like this game had you are guaranteed to see instant popularity. Releasing as a PlayStation 5 Launch title, Bugsnax takes us to an epic world where the food is alive and as a "respected" Journalist it is your job to bring this incredible world to the masses. It is our job to record all the Bugsnax across this island, as we help the citizens catch them for meals. But this is only the side quest for Bugsnax, as the founder of the colony has gone missing, and you need her for your all-important interview so that you can keep your job as a journalist, as this is your last chance on a wild goose chase. Bugsnax is available on PlayStation 5 and Epic Games Store.



Taking us back to the 90s and early 2000s is R8 Games, who have brought back antigravity racing in their new game Pacer. Pacer brings back my favourite style of racing game, similar to that of Wipeout and F-Zero. Race for one of 10 teams in a variety of events to test your skill as a future racer, ranging from combat races to fastest time Pacer offers a little something for everybody. If that wasn't enough, you can also take your skills online to race across the globe in a variety of arenas. Pacer is available now on PlayStation 4 Xbox One PC, Mac and Linux.



Our next addition comes from Spanish Developers, Crema and brings a much wanted Pokémon style game outside of the Nintendo console line. Temtem brings an all-new catch train and battle system to an MMO environment. If collecting and battling TemTem wasn't enough for you then you can also create your own home, join your friends on an adventure or explore the vast archipelago to find all 86 Temtem. Temtem is available on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, the title is not available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, even though backing for these consoles was initially available.



Pathless takes us into the world of an archer and his eagle as they explore a vast forest in a quest to dispel a darkness which has fallen upon it. With nothing more than your faithful companion your bow and arrows you will need to hunt corrupted spirits in epic battles in order to cleanse the forest, all whilst bonding with your eagle and learning the forests dark history as you explore its many Biomes and hidden secrets. Pathless is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, and Mac.


Metal: Hellsinger

Developers outsiders may have some legitimate competition to the modern DOOM Franchise with their upcoming title Metal Hellsinger. This Rhythm-based shooter is filled with some of the most sinister enemies hell has to offer, and it is your job to slay these fiends to the beat of an incredible soundtrack. The biggest feature for myself is the inclusion of outstanding artists for the games rhythmic soundtrack, including Matt Heafy of Trivium, Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy, and Björn Strid of Soilwork. Metal Hellsinger will release in 2021 for PlayStation 4 PlayStation5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC


Rift Breaker

This epic mech combat game combines Survival, RPG and base building elements. Due to release in 2021 Rift Breaker will send us to an alien world as an elite scientist/commando to explore this new world. This new world is all but friendly however, as hostile creatures will set upon you in their swarms. As a lone unit, you will need to build up defensive bases to help you hold off these units, as you hack and slash your way through the hordes of hostile creatures that inhabit this planet. When you aren't too busy fighting off hordes of enemies, you can uses these bases of operations to craft and upgrade your gear. Rift Breaker will be available in 2021 for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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