Our 10 Most Iconic Swords in Videogames

With Ghost of Tsushima releasing next week on the 17th we thought it only right to celebrate a Samurai’s true companion… the Sword. This versatile weapon has lasted the test of time and has been a powerful tool used by humankind since at least 3300 BC. In videogames, we have seen swords utilised in many genres and periods, be it the distant past like in Ghost of Tsushima, the modern age like in Devil May Cry and even the future, in titles such as Outer Worlds and Halo. For this Top 10, we went through some of gaming histories most iconic games to bring you what we think are the 10 most iconic swords in Video Games.


The Crucible - DOOM Eternal

This devastating sword is probably the most recent weapon featured in our top 10 but has earned its place in our list due to the sheer brutality of this weapon. The Crucible is an energy sword powered by hell itself in the way of one of DOOMS many hell powered energy sources. This incredibly powerful sword is capable of cutting some of DOOM's most hardcore enemies like butter. The Crucible is also the DOOM Slayers only way of killing Titan Demons... so long as the blade is never removed.


ShishKebab - Fallout 3 (and onward)

The Shishkebab is a true post-apocalyptic treasure, this marriage of sword and flamethrower is capable of making anybody brave enough to take on a Deathclaw head-on. Made from a lawnmower blade, a handbrake and a motorcycle gas tank this imaginative flaming sword is without a doubt Bethesda’s greatest achievement in fallout weaponry. If you are still looking for a fun way to hack and slash while waiting for Ghost of Tsushima, then you may want to find Fallout 4’s Wakazashi Shishkebab to get an authentic wasteland samurai experience.


High Frequency Blade - Metal Gear Solid

Most commonly used by Cyborg Ninjas Gray Fox and Raiden, this lethal weapon is Hideo Kojima's answer to why a knife would win in a gun fight. The High-Frequency Blade is a lethal sword which for the most part is modeled on a katana, though other variations exist including a machete version. The blade of the sword is charged with a powerful alternating current to make the blade resonate at extremely high frequencies, thus giving it the name the High-Frequency Blade. These frequencies are capable of weakening the molecules of anything it gets close to, and when in capable hands the sword is able to perform incredible feats, such as stopping or slicing bullets. Thanks to the swords vibrating tendencies an added bonus to the blade is that it is capable of weakening the molecules of anything it touches, giving it the capability to cut through anything, including a Metal Gear effortlessly.


Energy Sword - Halo

For me, the most iconic noise from any sword in gaming was that of the energy Sword firing up. As soon as this stylish energy weapon was in your hands you felt like an FPS god. However, the iconic sword also painted a giant target on your back in multiplayer modes. The energy Sword is a staple weapon among the Sangheili Elite warriors in Halo with many variants found across the games vast lore filled universe, from the classic appearance, which has seen subtle changes in more recent times, to more flamboyant designs, such as the Arbiters sword in Halo Wars.


Blades of Chaos- God of War

Forged in the darkest depths of the underworld by the God of War Ares, this pair of chained swords were made specifically for a devout servant of ares. Imbued with Fire these blades are capable of igniting the enemies of Ares. However, the chains of these blades would also sear to the blade users arms to remind them of their servitude to Ares. The blades were gifted to Kratos who was chosen as Ares Champion and were the turning point in his life that led to him becoming our God of War.


Key Blade - Kingdom Hearts

Probably the quirkiest looking weapon on our list, the key blade is our weapon of choice in the Kingdom Hearts Saga. Wielded by our main protagonist Sora and other major characters throughout the games. The aptly named Key Blade is jam-packed with abilities and comes in a wide variety of appearances. The Key Blade is capable of unlocking any door in existence and allows the user to travel between worlds, allowing for our hero to crossover into an amazing world of Final Fantasy and Disney.


Lightsabers - Star Wars

Without a doubt the most iconic swords in Sci-Fi, the Lightsabers are the weapons of Jedi and Sith in the Star Wars Universe. Found in a whole array of colours and designs these beautiful weapons are also the galaxies most lethal. Lightsabers possess the ability to cut through almost anything, and when combined with force abilities they can make the user completely unstoppable. Some of the most Iconic videogame lightsabers include Darth Revan’s from Knights of the Old Republic, Cal Kestis’s Lightsaber from Fallen Order, and Starkillers customisable Lightsaber from Force Unleashed.


Rebellion - Devil May Cry

Legendary demon hunter Dante is nothing without his devilish claymore Rebellion. Though we didn’t see Rebellion until the prequel game Devil May Cry 3, the sword is most definitely the most Iconic sword in the greatest addition to the hack and slash genre. Rebellion was originally just a normal claymore with a skeletal handle and guard, that is until he is impaled by his misguided twin brother Virgil on the peak of Temen Ni-Gru. It is then Rebellion awakens, Rebellions awakening opens up its skeletal arms and awakens Dante’s Devil Trigger for the very first time. After the events of Devil May Cry 3 we see Dante and rebellion return in every following iteration of Devil May Cry, including in the Marvel Vs Capcom franchise.


Buster Sword - Final Fantasy XII

The Buster Sword is the main weapon of Final Fantasy lead Protagonist Cloud Strife, and even if you have never played the game before you will have undoubtedly either seen the sword or have seen other swords modelled from this over the top blade. The blade has seen many renditions after Final Fantasy 7, including a version Wrapped in bandages and one graffitied with Kanji. The Buster Sword is the initial starting Sword in Final Fantasy 7, and though it is not the most powerful weapon in the game it is always Clouds weapon of choice in the games many incredible cutscenes.


Master Sword - The Legend of Zelda

The Master Sword is unquestionably Video gaming's most iconic sword, not just from its design but from its history, dating back to 1992. The Master Sword, formerly known as the goddess sword, is blessed with the ability to repel evil and is the only way to defeat the lead antagonist Gaddon. To obtain the Master Sword our hero Link must face many great trials to prove himself worthy of wielding the sacred blade. Once Link has this great blade, he can perform all kinds of feats, such as dispelling magical barriers, breaking curses and dispel demons, locking them away. The Master Sword's design is also one of video games most iconic, with its slender grip, winged guard, and beautifully shaped blade. though there the master swords design varies from game to game the most iconic is that of Oricana of Time, where the Master Sword first got its wings along with its deep purple grip and guard.

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