Top 10 Best Looking Game for this Generation

Games are becoming more and more technical, but the big push is to improve the graphics. As we start our journey into the next generation, we start to see the current generation pushed to its limits. So here at 3-Bit we have had a discussion and decided on our Top 10 Best Looking Game for this Generation


Marvel’s Spiderman

Marvel’s Spiderman, developed by developers Insomniac is a technical wonder, which was released on PlayStation 4 back in September 2018. This game scores 10th on this list as it does an amazing job of making New York look gorgeous and really pop out. The game uses a really vibrant colour palette to make Spideys costume really stand out against the environment and when up close against the popular Spiderman costume, you can see every wrinkle, dimple and contour of it, its incredible. The game does an amazing job of reflecting off of surfaces to help light bounce around the world more realistically. The enemy design has been handled with incredible grace, its honourable to the source material, but equally brings a level of “I believe that could exist in the real world”, to them. If you haven’t checked out Marvels Spiderman before, be sure to give it a go, you wont be disappointed.


Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a stunning piece of work, and could have even scored 1st on our list, although the reason it doesn’t, is because it isn’t consistent. That aside Final Fantasy 7 Remake is an incredible showcase of the modern graphics. The game is the first game to make typical anime graphics and make the believable and realistic. Each of the main cast animate with perfection, in which subtle emotions can be seen easily on their faces. Their skin is riddled with pours, and their clothes rimple as they move. The game uses marvellous visual effects in battle, in which sparks, lights and smoke, will fill the room as you fight. Spells will call all different elements such as fire, ice, earth and darkness, and each one of these has a unique look, that oozes with beauty. As you walk around the world, dust kicks up, shadows cast beautiful and light bounces around the city of Midgar with perfection. The only reason this doesn’t score number 1, is due to a few textures looking flat at the odd time, and some of the quest giver NPCs, just look incomplete.



Control is one of them games that’s just screams technical prowess. The games does an incredible job of bringing to life its characters by capturing their emotions, pours, sweat, hair movement and clipping, just everything. It does the whole lot, in terms of character design. But Control scores 8th on our list, because of its incredible use of destruction and mess. Control is one of the few games that I’ve played this gen, that when I finished up in any fight, I would look around the mess and chaos I had left behind. There would be lumps of concrete littered across the whole arena, holes in the walls and flooring, items from the room scattered all over and sparks from anything electric I had eradicated. Control manages to not only convey chaos into its gameplay, but does and incredible job of portraying it into its visuals. The use reflections in this game are the “cherry on top”. glossy surfaces will reflect light, based on its different textures, and matt flooring will absorb more light. But the game does a really good job of sticking to a really subtle colour palette the entire way through.


God of War

God of War is a technical wonder from the moment it starts to the second it finishes. Its by far the most visually diverse on this list ranging from beautiful vibrant landscapes, through to the dull pastel greens and grey from the pits of Helheim. The worlds in God of War mixes up its colours and themes to ensure that the world that you are in, is believe able and different, which is a big part of why the game did as well as it did. Though the character design in God of War is really where the greatest talent lies. When up close with characters, each one truly feels unique. They have their own hight, shape, skin tone, hair style, animation, facial emotion's, and everything else you could think of. Everyone truly feels unique in their entirety. Characters have skin that animates around their face perfectly, which over all helps to portray emotion which compels you into that characters story. When fighting in this game, every hit looks heavy and true. Even when is comes to animations such as Kratos (the protagonist) throwing his axe, it looks like so much energy is put into every movement to get the maximum power and range.


Death Stranding

Graphically Death Stranding is a beautiful game that excels at visually hooking gamers, but its in its obscurity that makes Death Stranding set out from the others. Like everything else, it features MOCAP actors being rendered into a world with beautiful landscapes and deadly environments that your character will interact with on their journey. The game does an amazing job of focusing on creating natural occurrences in its overall world to help us buy into the reality of it. But Death Stranding really excels in its graphics when its at it’s weirdest. There’s so many settings that have been created in this game its hard to talk about them all in a small post like this, but in one moment you are in the trenches, of what looks like World War II. Although, the world is infested with a parasite looking darkness that makes an already murky time, filthier. Dirt will kick up, over your character. Sand will leak from shot sandbags from bullets firing all above you, the infestation will be wriggling across the dirt soaked trenches and overall you’ll be disgusted by the visuals of with time. In world where everything is dead, everything looks so alive.


Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn is one title, that I don’t think many people will be able to challenge for being in this list. The world in Horizon: Zero Dawn is stunning and full of life. A side from the killer Dino Robots, there so much history and variance in the world. One moment you might be in a lush green landscape surrounded by flowers and beauty, the next you might be in the saturated dark remains of humanity before the crisis. Not only this, but Horizon features realistic characters, that fit perfectly into the setting they’ve been exposed to. The “DinoRobots” fall a part piece by piece as you slowly bring them down. Each dino has its own set of animations and more impressively, all have different bits of plating that break off from battles. It feels like each dino was made out of different kinds of Lego, and you have the fun to shoot explosive arrows at them. Its incredible how much effort was put into making these dangerous adversaries not only look good, but fall a part in a way that is satisfying to the player.


Assassins Creed Odyssey

Assassins Creed has really stepped up its game in terms of visuals, with the latest 2 entries taking the series forward into a new generation. Although, we believe that Odyssey takes the crown out of those two due to having a world that is only enriched by its raw natural beauty. Odyssey is a huge game, that features a big section of Greece as it world map. For a world so big, Ubisoft have done an incredible job of making it look magnificent. The character models in this game look great, they portray emotion, but this game is launched to 4th place in this article, due to its beautiful rendition of Greece. The sun beams down on the country, and reflects charmingly off of its surface. During the night, the moon sit bright in the dark sky, giving a light, night-time bloom. The streets are completely filled with life, and everywhere you look something is moving. For a game that shows so much on the screen at once, its incredible that they managed to keep it looking this good. We also get the opportunity to take to the seas, and the visuals for the water are immaculate. The chaotic water crashes against the boats body, whilst looking peaceful, shining and glimmering from under the sun lit sky.


Red Dead Redemption 2

At this stage we’re getting to the games that take all the great things from the above and combine them together and Red Dead Redeption 2 does exactly that. The world is rich with different landscapes that have been masterfully crafted. The suns light bleeds all over the land, giving it contours of light and dark, making the world pop. The character models in this game look remarkable. No matter where you are the people you interact with, will look real and have as much effort put into them as the protagonist (minus those times where texture fail to load fully). The animals in this game feel real, one of many example is bears. They look and move like they are heavy, their fur bounces and their body bops along. I mean Rockstar went so far as to adding a shrinking horse penis, when its cold. This game simply is at the level of masterpiece. The only areas you could knock it down, is only limited due to its location, and that’s it’s colour palette. The only reason this game is not 1st is because the colour palette is always slightly washed out, where as we are fans of brightly exposed colours.


Uncharted 4

Uncharted 4 came out in 2016, and when it hit, it blew up the gaming community. The games visuals are just outright incredible. The game features some of the most amazing visuals to be found in a video game to date. The environments are vibrant and bright. The characters animations are believable and smooth. You can read every characters emotion on their face, making it possible to see the exactly how they feel. The grass lightly blows when gentle winds hit them. But its not just in the visuals that this game exceeds, it’s the tricks that are done with the visuals. For example, the game features areas where you can slide down and these are usually steep beds of small rocks. If you shoot a rock from the top, it will slide down the surface, hitting other rocks along the way creating a small rockslide style movement. Small animations like getting into a car, have been refined to the point that no matter where you enter the vehicle, it will tailor to the entry to to the position and speed that you make your entrance…Even entering from jumping above the vehicle. When you get to games that look this good, its less about the big visuals and more about the smalls ones that immerse you even more so.


The Last of Us Part 2

The Last of Us Part 2, as no surprise, finds it’s way to the top of our list. This game truly has considered every single small nuance in its graphical design. This features everything from the above games. Amazing facial animation, hyper realistic characters, emotion, amazing landscapes the lot. But its what’s hidden underneath the exterior of the game that makes it even more so impressive. Mirrors in this game reflects properly, and are not blurred out. Water moves perfectly when you make contact with it, from big splashes when diving, to small ripples when moving in it. Metals and walls wear away as combat keeps up, with bits falling off of them. When rain hits characters, it leaves actual droplets and eventually will drench the characters, grass crushes under the weight of your character, etc. It’s these small details that make this game so much more impressive. Regardless of whether you enjoyed the story of this game or not, no one can deny this being the best looking game available right now.

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