Top 10 Games Previewed during Indie Live 2020

Now that the Indie Live Conference has ended, we have listed below our Top 10 previewed games from the event. Be sure to let us know on our Social media pages if you agree, or think we have missed any!



Picontier is a 16-bit style slow living RPG, similar to that of Stardew Valley. You live on an Island, where you can Farm, Mine, Craft, Fish and fight off monsters in dungeons. The game puts a massive emphasis on slow time, pushing you to decide how you will spend your time in the game.
Although a really weird twist is that the world seems to in habited by what appears to be Aliens? It looks like a really fun game, be sure to check it out after reading this article.


Play Dog Play Tag

Well, I guess the game that wins the “weirdest game” title, has to make a spot in this article, right? In Play dog, Play Tag you play as a dog being taken for walk. WHEN SUDDENLY SOMEONE STEAL YOUR FAVOURITE BONES! Chase down the thief and take back what was taken. In the process you might destroy a few things and take other dog’s bones, but it’s all for the good aim of becoming a “milli-BONE-are”!



In this Indie Horror game you play as a person being haunted by a monster that you have unleashed to the world. You’ll be haunted by demons from Japanese folklore and its you’re aim to create protective seals to ward those demons away.
The game focuses on stealth horror mechanics, meaning that the options to fight back are limited. The development team state this about the game:
“Ikai embodies the spirit of the classical psychological horror genre with a defenceless main character incapable of attacking the evil creatures. However, it explores a new sense of horror by making the player face the threats directly nor fleeing neither attacking.”



Haven looks like an incredibly beautiful game, where you play as two characters at once. You have to explore a corrupt world, fight monster and build the characters relationships to progress. The game takes heavy queues graphically from typical anime style games like Gravity Rush, although does well to make it seem unique in gameplay.
The game can also be played entirely in drop in co-op, which can adds to the mechanic of building up these two characters relationship.



Haak sells itself as a fluid and dark 2D MetroidVania platformer. The animations and art looks smooth and crisp, whilst the gameplay looks to be really clean and simple. The game sells itself as being focused on fun gameplay rather than difficult gameplay. Although for more Hardcore players, additional in-game challenges have been added, which need to be conquered, ultimately leading to secret content contained within the game.


Record of Lodoss War - Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth

Record of Lodoss War-Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth is a 2D-style MetroidVania game. Taking art queues from the extremely popular Castlevania – Symphony of the Night, the game manages to look like a fully funded Konami piece, which is great! For those who are unfamiliar with the MetroidVania genres, the game is a 2D side scrolling RPG. You can use ranged attacks, melee attacks and magic to defeat foes and level up. You can change out your armour and weapons in a bid to maximise your stats. Be sure to check this game out!


Sky: Children of the Light

From the creators of Journey, Flower and Flow comes Sky: Children of the Light. A beautiful game that focuses on enhancing the world. The developers made a statement that this game is about building a world of care and empathy, rather than conflict and hate. In Sky, you are one of the Children of Light who is tasked with spreading hope throughout a kingdom. Sky can be played online with friends and random people online, where you can share gifts and grow friendships.


RPGTime – The Legend of Write

This game is easily one of the most beautiful games announced during Indie Live. In RPGTime you are a part of a Role-Playing game which has been drawn in a player’s notebook. You control the player, who has to navigate his way through this drawn journey to its end. RPG time touches on elements such as being able to game without being able to afford a console or PC and being innovative, by drawing an entire RPG in a notebook.


Nimbus Infinity

Nimbus Infinity instantly resonated with me, when seeing his gameplay as it took me back to playing the Zone of the Enders games. In Nibus Infinity you play as an extremely fast pace battle mech. The game focuses on “skilled” combat and entices players to utilise their speed to exploit enemies weaknesses and overcome the tide of battle. The graphics for this title, look incredibly polished and the quality matches that of some of the modern triple A titles. We cannot wait to see more about this game in the coming months.



Craftopia is the brand new multiplayer open-world survival action game. This is easily the most ambitious game we at 3-Bit have seen in a long time. The game takes key concepts from all the big titles and bring them all together in Craftopia. The graphic are similar to that of Zelda Breath of the Wild, whilst sharing gameplay mechanics from things such as Mincraft, Fortnite and Dungeon Hunting games like Monster Hunter. On top of all of these elements, the game is also a Survival game, where you are required fight hunger and thirst. Craftopia uses loot mechanics to change the appearance of your character as well as allowing you to breed monsters to create companions in this game. We cant wait to see more of this game as it heads to it later stages of development.

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